C.C. Communique

Monday, June 9, 2003

Camp: Kolkata


Press Statement

The Central Committee of Communist Partyof India (Marxist) met in Kolkata from June 7th to 9th 2003. It has issued the following statement :

No troops for Iraq

The Central Committee strongly opposed the move to send Indian troops to Iraq which is under US occupation. The US administration has requested the Vajpayee government to send a contingent of troops for policing the country under the US military command. The UN Security Council resolution has recognized the US as the occupying authority. It has not sanctioned a UN Peacekeeping Force. Indian troops, if sent, will have to serve under the American military command. Further, they will be used to suppress the growing opposition to the American occupation.

The BJP-led government’s willingness to consider such a request indicates the double-faced stand it has taken throughout the war in Iraq. Having been forced by the public opinion to adopt a resolution in Parliament deploring the war, the government cannot flagrantly violate the wishes of the Parliament and the people to further the interests of the US in Iraq.

The Central Committee noted that the US has stepped up it aggressive policies for global hegemony. At such a time what is required is that India adopt such policies which help to curb the unilateral steps taken by the US. This requires an independent foreign policy and not the pro-US policy adopted by the BJP.