P.B. Communique

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Press Communiqué

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) met in New Delhi on October 25 and 26, 2005. It has issued the following statement:

Foreign Policy

The Polit Bureau discussed the situation arising out of India’s vote against Iran in the IAEA board meeting in September. The Polit Bureau endorsed the decision to conduct a countrywide campaign to mobilise public opinion against this serious departure from India’s independent foreign policy. The PB called upon all its Party units to join this campaign.

Jammu & Kashmir

The Polit Bureau expressed its serious concern at the attempt on the life of Mohd. Yusuf Tarigami and the killing of the education minister in Jammu & Kashmir. Another CPI(M) leader was killed in Anantnag district. These and other incidents have taken place at a time when certain parts of the state have been hit by the earthquake. These attacks show that some of the extremist groups are oblivious of the suffering of the people and are determined to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere. Both the state and the central government should ensure sufficient security for the CPI(M) cadres and other political activists.

The Polit Bureau heard reports about the collection for the J&K and Pakistan earthquake relief fund. The West Bengal State Committee has contributed Rs. 30 lakhs to the fund which has been collected through mass collections. Funds are being raised in the other states also.

Election Commission

The Election Commission has resorted to certain extraordinary measures during the Bihar elections which are disturbing. The central observers are acting in a manner which is outside their jurisdiction by interfering in the executive and police functions. Some of these actions have raised questions about partisanship. During the recent Asansol by-elections in West Bengal too such partisan actions by the central observers were seen.

Another recent decision by the Commission to delete names of persons from the voters list against whom non-bailable warrants exist and are absconding is also questionable. The Polit Bureau decided to take up such matters with the Election Commission.

Price Rise

The Polit Bureau noted that there is a steep increase in the prices of various commodities which are adversely affecting the people. The prices of onions have shot up. Prices of vegetables have gone up. Shortage of cooking gas has led to high prices in the black market. The increase in the prices of petroleum products are now impacting on the prices of essential commodities. The central government should take immediate steps to relieve shortages and to check price rise.

Approach to IT Sector

The Polit Bureau discussed the question of the understanding regarding the IT sector. The right to form trade unions and resort to collective bargaining should exist in the IT sector. Labour laws of the country should be applicable to the enterprises in this sector. As for the nature of work and services in the IT sector are concerned , the Polit Bureau decided to prepare a comprehensive document which will be placed before the Central Committee.

Scheduled Tribes Bill

The Polit Bureau discussed the provisions of the proposed Scheduled Tribes (Recognition of Forest Rights) Bill. The Party’s views on some of these provisions were finalised. The Polit Bureau expects this bill to be introduced in the forthcoming winter session of parliament.

Women’s Reservation Bill

The Central Committee of the Party has already demanded that the Women’s Reservation Bill be introduced in the winter session of parliament. The Polit Bureau decided that the Party should conduct a mass campaign to demand the introduction of the Bill without delay. For this, the Polit Bureau called upon all its Party units to observe a day on November 21, 2005.

Next Central Committee Meeting

The Polit Bureau decided to hold the next meeting of the Central Committee on December 14, 15 and 16 at New Delhi. This will be preceded by the meeting of the Polit Bureau on December 13.