Polit Bureau Communique

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Press Communiqué

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) met in New Delhi on July 29 and 30. It has issued the following statement:

Indo-US Nuclear Agreement

The Polit Bureau discussed the developments regarding the Indo-US nuclear agreement. It expressed its serious concern at the manner in which the terms of the agreement have been changed and new provisions attached by the United States. The bill passed in the House of Representatives and the draft to be taken up in the Senate make it amply clear that the terms and conditions are not those about which the Prime Minister had made a statement in parliament.

In such a situation it is imperative that parliament discuss the issue. People in India are asking the legitimate question how is it that an issue which concerns the vital interests of India is being discussed threadbare and decisions taken in the US Congress, while the Indian parliament does not even scrutinize the matter.

The Polit Bureau therefore reiterated that the nuclear agreement should be taken up in the monsoon session of parliament itself. It is no use discussing the matter after the US Congress adopts the relevant law.

The Sense of Parliament should be expressed so that the parameters of the agreement which are in conformity with India’s interests are spelt out. The UPA government should work towards accomplishing this aim.

Terrorist Attacks

The Polit Bureau denounced the terrorist outrage perpetrated in Mumbai by the blasts in seven suburban trains. It appreciated the way the ordinary people rallied to assist the victims of the attacks and their determination to maintain unity and communal amity.

Strengthening of intelligence and better coordination among the security agencies are necessary to uncover the terrorist network and to check such violence


Curb Price Rise

The Polit Bureau expressed serious concern at the price rise of essential commodities which are a burden on the people. The debate on the price rise situation in parliament has shown that the government is unwilling to take effective steps to check price rise. Firstly, the government should take steps to remove foodgrains and other essential commodities from the ambit of futures and forward trading. Secondly, strict action should be taken against those indulging in speculation and hoarding of essential commodities.

The Polit Bureau expressed serious concern at the collapse of the public distribution system. The government has to immediately take steps to strengthen the PDS by including more essential commodities. The criteria for BPL cards should be changed so that all poor people come under its purview. The wheat allocations to the states which have been cut must be restored.

Forest Tribal Bill

The Polit Bureau urged the government to accept all the major recommendations of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on the Scheduled Tribes (Recognition of Forest Rights) Bill. The Polit Bureau is of the firm view that the JPC recommendations are crucial for assuring the rights of the tribal people in the forests. The Bill should be adopted in the current session of parliament incorporating the JPC recommendations.

Aggression on Lebanon

The Polit Bureau strongly condemned the continuing Israeli military attack on Lebanon. The savage bombing raids and shelling have  displaced more than 20 per cent of the population from their homes. Hundreds  have died and thousands have been injured. The Bush administration has abetted Israel by preventing a ceasefire being declared and encouraging Israel to carry on its blatant aggression by supplying lethal bombs and weapons.

The CPI(M) is collecting funds in  solidarity with the Palestinian people who have been facing the Israeli military attack for the last two months. The Polit Bureau called upon all its Party units to combine this fund campaign with solidarity with the Lebanese people and condemnation of the Israeli aggression.

The Polit Bureau reiterated its demand that the Indian government suspend arms purchases from Israel in view of its blatant violation and disregard of international and humanitarian norms.

August Campaign

The Polit Bureau reviewed the preparations for the national political campaign of the Party beginning from August 1. Leaders of the Party will be addressing scores of public meetings all over the country to highlight the political platform of the CPI(M) against communalism, for alternative economic policies, for addressing the immediate problems of the farmers and other sections of the working people, for strengthening the public distribution system and for an independent foreign policy.