Strengthen Left to Strengthen People's Struggles: Biman Basu

May 08, 2014

Biman Basu, Chairman of the West Bengal Left Front and CPI (M) Polit Bureau member called for the strengthening of the Left and making the struggles of the toiling masses more vigorous. Basu was speaking in two separate meetings in support of the Left Front candidates of Dum Dum and Barasat parliamentary constituencies. He was confident that the people of Bengal will strengthen the Left forces, to revitalize the struggles of the working class.

He alleged that both the TMC and BJP are playing divisive politics. Referring to Modi’s recent comments on the Bangladeshi immigrants, Biman Basu said that it has created tensions in Bangladesh, with even the Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina showing concern.

Basu accused Mamata of taking a U turn on the issue of Bangladeshi immigrants. On 18th December, 2003 the NDA had introduced an amendment to the Citizenship Act to enable the government to send back Bangladeshi refugees who came in after 1971.  Then a minister in the NDA government, Mamata Banerjee, fully supported the move. He cautioned the people to be wary of such divisive slogans and forces.

The violence indulged in by the ruling TMC in the elections also came in for strong condemnation from Biman Basu. He wondered as to why the Chief Minister who was so confident of people’s support was resorting to such tactics and snatching the people’s right to vote.

May 7, 2014