TMC has destroyed Bengal’s Cultural and Educational Sectors

May 07, 2014

Trinamool Supremo Mamata Banerjee, has claimed that she has fulfilled 90% promises in one year. But this is hollow talk. The general public has understood this and that’s why the TMC had to create a reign of terror in Bengal in order to win. This time people will retaliate and cast their vote in favor of the Left Front, said Manik Sarkar at two public meetings in Nadia. People joined the rally in huge numbers and CPI(M)’s local leadership was also present.

Manik Sarkar said that the country has witnessed an unprecedented price rise. Crores of young people are unemployed and the Congress party has become synonymous with scams. 80-90 crore people are not able to eat even two meals per day. If the PDS system was better implemented the people would not be facing such hardship. Farmers are also facing a crisis because the Congress government is not giving subsidies to them on fertilizers. People have faced hardship under BJP rule too. It was not very different from Congress; in fact, it was more dangerous because of its communal and divisive politics.

In the last three years the TMC has destroyed the educational system, cultural institutions in Bengal. The condition of women in West Bengal has also deteriorated rapidly. Mamata Banerjee claims that she is pro-farmer but 89 farmers committed suicide under her rule in the last 3 years. Same is also true about workers. In such a short period of time, TET, SSC, Saradha and many other scams have taken place.

The Saradha scam was worth 2500 thousand crores. Mamata banerjee knew everything but she did nothing. Moreover, her government is trying to save those who are involved in the scam. She’s afraid of CBI inquiry because some members of her ministry were also involved in the scam. All other states where the Saradha group had business, agreed to CBI inquiry except for Mamata Banerjee. This is because of her nexus with Saradha management.

Manik Sarkar appealed to the people to to elect the Left and reject the corrupt TMC.

 April 6, 2014