Akhilesh Yadav

39 years old Akhilesh Yadav is the CPI (M) candidate from Gwalior Parliamentary constituency. He joined the SFI when he was in class 11 in Govt H S School Birla Nagar. He has completed BA and was studying in MA when he decided to leave studies and dedicate himself to the cause of people’s struggles. He joined the CPI (M) in 1994 and became a whole timer in 1999. In 1998 he became State Gen. Secretary of DYFI and in 2004, the State President. In 1998 he also became a Gwalior district committee member of the party. In the Indore party state conference of 2009 he became the party state committee member. In 2012, he became the district secretary of Gwalior. In Gwalior, he was CITU district secretary since 2007 and very active in organizing the auto riksha union along with other comrades. At present in Gwalior district CITU has 22 unions covering construction labour, distillery workers, PWD, PHE, Bear factory and anganwadi workers, among others. Com Akhilesh Yadav sat on one day hunger strike against a state government order in March 2014 abruptly stopping provision of food grain and kerosene to APL families on the pretext that the the grain was being black marketed and that the government has given unique ID no to each family and 20 categories have been short listed to be included in BPL. But the fact is that the survey was not done properly and many poor families are suffering due to this order. A large number of poor people gave their support for this agitation. Com Akhilesh Yadav lives with his family in Party office only and dedicates his full time to party work.

Gwalior-Key Issues
The constituency is spread over two districts of Gwalior and Shivpuri. It has 8 assembly segments of which 6 are of Gwalior and remaining 2 are of Shivpuri. The total no of voters is about 18.36 lakh, of which 8.34 lakh are women and 10.01 lakh are men. The imbalanced sex ratio is an indication of the feudal social atmosphere of the districts. The constituency is nearly equally divided between rural and urban voters. District Gwalior has a literacy rate of 57 % which is higher than the state average. Although male literacy is 71%, female literacy is only 41%. There is a sharp difference between urban and rural literacy as well: in urban areas it is 71% but in rural areas it is only 37%. The sex ratio at 0 to 6 yrs of age is 840 which is lower than that of 2001. Besides CITU, Kisan Sabha, SFI and AIDWA are the active organizations in the district and they are constantly mobilizing people on various issues. Recently the Party’s movement on the demand for house sites was successful and nearly 1000 house sites were given to BPL families. The struggle continues for those left out. For beedi workers the decision for 1000 houses has been taken. The Party has successfully agitated against the newly imposed cleanliness tax and also a very objectionable tax on parking of vehicles in private houses also. Party has a tradition of fight against the feudal s of Gwalior state since long. Now Com AkhileshYadav is fighting against the state president of BJP Narendra Tomar