Jagat Ram

Jagat Ram has been nominated as the CPI(M) candidate from Shimla Lok Sabha constituency. Given that he was born in a poor peasant family, who can understand the plight of the common man better than Comrade Jagat Ram? Forced by poverty to abandon his studies after class 10th and with the pressure of looking after his family, he came to Shimla in 1978 and started working in a private hotel. The seeds of struggle were sown in him when he came face to face with the issues of hotel workers. After coming in contact with CITU he started struggling for workers’ rights under the banner of Lal Jhanda Mazdoor Union and evolved into a capable leader. On seeing the condition of workers in private hotels in Shimla, he decided to organize them and waged many battles for their rights. It was a result of his able leadership that hotel workers were granted many facilities like minimum wage, weekly holiday, EPF and ESI etc. Comrade Jagat Ram was the General Secretary of the Himachal Hotel Lal Jhanda Mazdoor Union for a long time. During his tenure he led struggles of workers and employees in other fields such as Anganwadi, mid-day meals, construction workers, part-time workers, private school employees and contractual workers and also organized them. Due to his leadership qualities, Comrade Jagat Ram held the post of General Secretary of CITU from Shimla District and State Treasurer of CITU, for a long time. At present, he’s the State President of CITU and is leading the way for struggles of workers, peasants and the common public in his state. He’s also on the Advisory Board of the Himachal Pradesh Employee’s State Insurance Corporation and a member of the State Minimum Wages Advisory Board. In 2001 he was a member of the Himachal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board. In what was to become a crucial decision in his life, he became a whole timer of CPI(M). Besides raising issues of hotel workers, he also branched out to other areas concerning Anganwadi, mid-day meals, construction workers, hydro projects, cements factories etc and fought their battles fearlessly and boldly. He never comprised with his principles when dealing with industrial and hotel management for workers’ rights. An honest and militant image makes him an ideal candidate for Lok Sabha.

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