Pradip Saha

Pradip Saha is the Left Front-nominated CPI(M) candidate for the 28-Hooghly Parliamentary constituency. He is 53 years of age. He joined CPI(M) in1982. Presently he is the member of the Hooghly District committee of CPI(M) and whole-timer of the Party. He is the leading organizer of trade union front. He devotes mainly for organizing the workers of different unorganized sectors. He is deeply associated with Hooghly Cold Storage Majdoor Union, Mutia Majdoor Union, Bidi Workers’ Organization. Apart from these he is also a leading organizer in cooperative movement of Hooghly district. He had to struggle hard with poverty and several other obstacles since his childhood. He passed Higher Secondary examination but could not go ahead with formal education any more. From his student days he got associated with movements of the working class. He has high acceptance among the unorganized workers of the district for his sincerity, dedication and the way he raises his voice on their issues in the greater political movement. Pradip Saha is also involved with other socio-cultural activities. He is associated with many club organizations and theatre movement of the Hooghly district.

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