Sreedip Bhattacharya

Sreedip Bhattacharya is the Left Front nominated CPI(M) candidate for the 25– Howrah Parliamentary constituency. He had his schooling from Ballygunge Government High School of Kolkata and then graduated in Mechanical Engineering from erstwhile Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur (Now Bengal Engineering and Science University) in 1977. He is 58 years of age. Sreedip Bhattacharya got the membership of CPI(M) in 1975 and became whole-timer of the Party. Presently he is the secretariat member of West Bengal State Committee of CPI(M). He also was the secretary of the Howrah District Committee of CPI (M) for eight years. He was successful organizer of the students’ movement from his early college days. He led the students’ movement of the state during the dark period of semi-fascist terror. He was the secretary of the Howrah District Committee of SFI for eight years. As an engineering student he was always in tune with the science movement. He was one of the founder members of Peoples' Science Movement in West Bengal and worked as the General Secretary of 'Paschim Banga Bigyan Mancha'. He led the science movement in this state and gradually became nationally accepted leader in that field. He led the All India People Science Network as General Secretary. He always has been associated with all sorts of activities which were initiated to lift the level of consciousness of the common people. Turning down the prospect of a lucrative professional career, he worked also in the Trade Union movements. Sreedip Bhattacharya is also a frequent contributor in the field of intellect. He regularly writes articles on issues encompassing science- technology to political- ideological questions. He visited China as a member of delegation of CPI(M) upon the invitation of the Communist Party of China during July 2011.

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