Com. Vasuki, aged 57 years, is the CPI (M) candidate for the North Chennai Parliamentary constituency. A B.Com graduate, she is a member of the Central Committee of the CPI(M) and National Vice President of the All India Democratic Women’s Association. She has been working since 1977 as a CPI (M) activist. She had been a bank employee for many years, and took voluntary retirement in 2000 to work as a full time worker of the party. She has discharged several important responsibilities in AIDWA and has led and participated in many struggles against gender injustice and for gender equality. These include the exposure of Premananda, the fight for justice for Padmini of Chidambaram, a victim of police atrocities, the struggle against Coca Cola in Padamathur in Sivaganga district, the fight for justice to girl students and residents in hostels who were sexually harassed in several districts including Chennai, Kanchipuram and Madurai, and many other struggles. She has also actively participated in the struggles against untouchability in Uthapuram, in Madurai, in Pudukkottai and elsewhere. She has fought for the basic issues of people in Chennai and elsewhere in the state. She is married to A.B.Viswanathan. She has a daughter named Anupama. Vasuki’s father is R.Umanath, an outstanding parliamentarian, a member of the Politbureau of the CPI(M) for many years, and currently, a member of the Central Committee of the CPI(M). Her mother, the late Pappa Umanath, was one of the foremost leaders of the CPI(M) and of AIDWA, and had also served as a member of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly.

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