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May 07, 2014
Though the Gujarat CM Narendra Modi, BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate has been waxing eloquent about the Gujarat model of development, the latest report of CAG utters something else on the... More
May 07, 2014
It has been claimed by Modi that Gujarat has been “riot free” after 2002. However, in 2013, Gujarat was among the top 5 States in terms of number of communal riots. In Gujarat, 66 incidents of... More
May 07, 2014
Despite what the corporate media is projecting as Narendra Modi’s election platform being about development and good governance, Modi is harping on issues which are at the core of the anti-Muslim... More
May 06, 2014
People of the constituency were promised many things. They have been hearing about a super specialty hospital at Ketoka, first promised by Mamata Banerjee when she was the Railways Minister. When... More
May 05, 2014
The land is barren. The machines are silent. There is no clamour of the workingmen. No noise of children in schools either. Bindeshwar Singh stood in the graveyard silence watching the empty factory... More