Bibhutipur: Land of Martyrs

Land of martyrs, Bibhutipur, showed its commitment to the struggle once again through a massive rally on Thursday, during the course of Eastern Jatha. Bibhutipur in Samastipur district in Bihar has a proud history of fighting for land and wages. In a determined and unrelenting struggle against feudal forces, CPI(M) has lost 10 of its comrades, including leading state level leaders. But the landless peasants have been able to snatch hundreds of acres of land from the clutches of ferocious feudal lords. With or without administrative, legal support, the peasants have been able to keep most of it in their possession. Bibhutipur, red bastion of Bihar has elected CPI(M) representatives six time in row in state assembly.

In consonance with this tradition, the rally on Thursday was attended by thousands of people. Most of them were agricultural labourers or daily wage labourers. They reached the venue in Narhan in buses, tractors and walking long distances, braving heat which has already set in this part of Bihar. Women in colourful saris and menfolk in traditional white dress merged into unending stream of humanity. There were portraits of the martyrs in the maidan.

Biman Basu called upon the people of Bihar to change the course of politics in the state by spreading movements like Bibhutipur in other districts. Subhashini Ali immediately connected with the people when she raised the distress of migrant labourers of Bihar in other states. In this area, mass migration to Delhi, Kolkata or Mumbai for livelihood has become the principal source of income. “Why the sons of Bihar should face the dishonour in Mumbai?”, she asked amidst thunderous applause.
Gyanshankar Majumder and Joginder Sharma also addressed the rally.