BJP-Gujarat Model Not Alternatives

BJP and Gujarat Model
are not Alternatives: Karat

BJP can never be an alternative to Congress as both the parties pursue same economic policies, catering to the interests of the corporate and the rich. CPI(M) general secretary Prakash Karat said today in a press conference in Ranchi. He was in Ranchi with the Eastern Sangharsh Sandesh Jatha.

BJP in their national executive meeting has claimed that they are the alternative to Congress rule and they upheld the “Gujarat Model” for the entire country. Karat reacted sharply on the issue and said, “Gujarat model is nothing but allowing corporates to garner unbridled profits. This model and Narendra Modi is hugely praised by the likes of Ambanis and Adanis. On the top of it, Gujrat model has witnessed communal carnage of the worst kind. “

Karat said, CPI(M)’ s main emphasis is on real alternative policies. Therefore we are travelling throughout the country to make people aware on those alternative policies. We have taken up issues of land reforms, of housing sites, food security, employment, health and education and against corruption.

Responding to questions, Karat said Congress and BJP will not be able to dictate the terms any more. On the so called “prime ministerial” candidate, he said, in India, it is no presidential system. All this campaign is bogus.

Karat said, Left has not progressed through elections only. We have advanced through people's struggles. We want to build a more powerful struggle which may be reflected in election results. About ‘Third Front”, he said, we are focusing on building unity on alternative policies. Without alternative policies, no alliance can bring any result.

On another question, Karat said, “In West Bengal, attacks on democratic rights are going on. Freedom of opinion is endangered there, critical voice is being jailed.”

Eastern Jatha has travelled through Ramgarh, Hazaribag and Koderma In Jharkhand today.

In Ramgarh, a town in colliery belt, coal workers and daily wage workers attended a public meeting in the morning. They reported about spiraling price rise. In Central Coal Fields mines, the number of workers is decreasing while the load of work is increasing. “1 worker, 4 Work”, said a worker. Their houses have become dangerous to live. Coal dumps have been constructed in workers colony, and poisonous smoke is creating havoc with people, specially children.

In Hazaribagh, large number of women were present, mainly from nearby villages. They listening with apt attention to Subhashini Ali’s speech as she was telling the chronicle of women’s distress in the country. These villagers alleged that BPL cards are not available to them.

In Jhumri Tilaya, Koderma, there was a huge meeting. Mainly daily wage earners and peasants attended the meeting. Thousands of young and aged have become migrant workers in other parts of the country as no job, not even in very low wages are available here. Some reported that daily wage has come down to as low as less than Rs.50. But the poor urban workers have united under Red flag. Some of them have started working with CPI(M) under very difficult conditions and even in underground.