Eastern Jatha Enters Jharkhand

Eastern Jatha entered Jharkhand on Sunday. It was received by tribals with traditional dances. Just after crossing Subranarekha river, addressing a roadside meeting in Muri, Prakash Karat told that the peoples’ struggle in various states would be strengthened by the jatha.
One particular feature of the meeting was that villagers who are fighting a desperate battle against forcible land grabbing of Hindalco attended the meeting in large numbers. Over 12,000 acres of land was earmarked for the project without any proper rehabilitation. The villagers under the leadership of AIKS and CPI(M) resisted police atrocities and the government machinery and won partial victory. Those who came in the meeting told INN that it was but for the red flag that they could save their land and continue tilling.
On the way to Ranchi, crimson red Palash flowers have ignited the spring and the hilly terrain of the plateau is bursting red. Red flags in spots have added to the beauty. In Jona, known for waterfalls, local people gathered to report their distress to CPI(M) leaders. Adivasis of Dumargarhi in Angaraha block reported that though they have tilled and resided in the forests for 40 years, they have not been given the legal forest rights. These poor peasants submitted a memorandum to Prakash Karat detailing their problems. Karat assured them that CPI(M) would continue to fight for their rights.
A large motorcycle rally brought the Jatha to Ranchi.