Eastern Jatha Progresses in UP

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

There are bright chances of a non-Congress, non-BJP government at the centre after the next Lok Sabha elections, Prakash Karat, CPI(M) General Secretary said today in Lucknow. He was responding to questions in a press conference. Karat said, however these questions would come after elections.

Karat said, CPI(M) is emphasising on alternative policies. We would surely try to bring other parties on the platform of alternative policies, we would be happy to act unitedly on peoples’ issues. But before that we would try to mobilize people on these policies. Without alternative policies there is no hope for resolution of basic problems of the overwhelming majority of the country. Therefore CPI(M) has embarked on the Jathas throughout India and will announce next phase of movement in Delhi rally on 19th.

In reply to a question, Karat said, UPA government has not given sufficient attention on the punishment of Italian marines. Effective steps should be taken now to bring them to justice.

On Kashmir, Karat said, extremist forces are now taking advantage of discontent among people after Afzal Guru’s hanging.

Today Jatha reached Kanpur through Unnao. It was received in Unnao, near the bridge on Ganges and was taken into Kanpur city by a cavalcade of motorcycles carrying red flags. In the town, employees of LIC and electricity sector warmly welcomed the Jatha. Public meeting was held in Vijaya Chowraha.

Kanpur, city of heroic struggles of the working class, has seen serious industrial crisis in the last two decades. Many factories are closed. The toiling people earn their livelihood from unorganised sector. All kinds of atrocities including permanent promulgation of Section 144 to curb trade union activities are there. The fight to defend the workers’ rights and organise people has become difficult. Despite that a large public meeting was held where poor people, employees of ordnance factory, insurance employees and others were present.

In the meeting, Prakash Karat underlined that BJP is no alternative to Congress as the economic policies of both the parties are same. “The fight for alternative policies can bring an alternative political force”.

Biman Basu elucidated the experience of West Bengal and said, the left movement gained strength there only through long and sustained struggle. Left Front and its government were born through peoples’ struggles. He called upon people of Kanpur to fight with determination to make this historic city a bastion of working class struggle.