Fight the loot of MGNREGA workers

“MGNREGA workers, especially women workers are facing a loot of their labour”, said Brinda Karat, Polit Bureau Member of the CPI (M). Denouncing the loot of labour of poor rural workers, she also pointed out: “Piece rate payment of the work is an important instrument of this loot”. Brinda Karat, leading Northern Sangharh Sandesh Jatha was addressing a big gathering here today at Gandhi Chowk.

Addressing a largely rural audience of MGNREGA workers, peasants and industrial workers, Brinda Karat also pooh-poohed the promise of the Rajasthan government – of providing 125 days work and Rs 133 daily wage for MGNREGA work – led by Ashok Gehlot. She pointed out that MGNREGA workers are not even getting 100 days work and Rs 90 as daily wage. “On top of it, work has been stopped to such a huge extent that while earlier 35 lakh workers were getting work, now this number is reduced to only one lakh”.

The public meeting was also attended by a large number of representatives of Shop Keepers and Traders organisations who not only greeted the Jatha and extended their support but also praised CPI (M)'s stand on the issue of entry of FDI in retail trade. Responding to their sentiments, Brinda Karat promised that Left will be in the forefront in the struggle for stopping the entry of multinational retail chains like Wal-mart on Indian soil. She also pointed out how CPI (M) in Guwahati, Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh has fought attempts of Wal-mart to begin its activities.

Brinda Karat also raised the question of the plight of Guaar farmers and demanded that the state government should come clear with its policy on this produce.

Hannan Mollah, Central Committee member of the CPI (M) explained the purpose of the Jatha. Amara Ram, CPI (M), MLA from Dataramgadh and party Central Committee member, Basudev also Central Committee member and party's state secretary, ex-MLA Hetram Benival and other state leaders also addressed the gathering.

Sangharsh Sandesh Jatha of CPI (M) reached here on 9th evening to a rousing reception. Right at the entrance of the city, hundreds of trade union workers greeted the jatha by garlanding the leaders and raising full throated slogans. A procession of more than hundred motorbike riders with red flags led the way as the Jatha traversed through the main roads of Ganganagar city. On the way, Brinda Karat and other leaders in the jatha also interacted with the editors and publishers of the daily Seema Sandesh.