Haryana is No. 1 in shady land deals

Thursday, March 14, 2013

CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Brinda Karat mocking at Hooda government’s claim: 'Haryana No 1' said at Rohtak today, on the 11th day of Northern Sangarsh Sandesh Jatha, that “Haryana may be No 1 in shady land deals and benefiting the big builders. It is at the bottom as far as protecting rights of peasants is concerned.” She was addressing a large public meeting here this evening at Rangshala. She also charged the Hooda government of acting as an agent for big developers. Referring to recent exposures regarding shady land deals of Vadra and company, she also reiterated CPI(M)’s demand for “an independent inquiry into all such suspicious land deals”. She also pointed out that Haryana is No 1 in atrocities on women and particularly poor and dalit women.

Earlier in the day addressing a well attended public meeting at Tosham, Brinda Karat took up the issue of ban on mining in Aravali hills falling under state of Haryana. Here majority of people in 50 – 60 villages around Tosham are directly hit by the stoppage of all mining activities. She underlined the fact that Supreme Court, acting to protect environment, has actually laid down a condition for remedying the environmental degradation, for re-starting mining of sand, stone and other minerals. Hitting hard at the Hooda government for its inaction and failure in fulfilling this condition and protecting the livelihood of people affected by Supreme court order, she pointed out that it is alleged that Chief Minister has some vested interests in leaving the field open for Rajasthan based mining companies.

Brinda Karat also pointed out how instead of ensuring food security for all, Haryana government is actually busy in canceling BPL cards of tens of thousands of landless and other poor workers. She also pointed out that Haryana government is very keenly pushing up sales of liquor and is also offering panchayats a part of the revenue thus earned from increased consumption of liquor. “This is likely to have devastating social consequences”. She also mentioned successful peasant’s struggle in the area that has won more than 300 crore rupees compensation for various crop damages.

Answering questions from media representatives in connection with the recent terrorist attack in Srinagar, condoling death of five CRPF jawans, she also pointed out that due to lack of initiative from the centre for a political dialogue in Kashmir, the trend of reduction in terrorist violence in the valley seems to be dissipating very fast. She opined that the recent attack is one such indicator.

The 11th day of Northern Sangharsh Sandesh Jatha began with paying tributes to the martyrs of first war of India’s independence in 1857, at the Lal Sadak (Red Road) of Hansi. Here, British barbarity on Indian rebels reached its nadir as the rebels were crushed under the wheels of road-rollers. The road turned red with the blood of such a large number of people crushed by the British. That’s how it has got its name, Lal Sadak. Leaders of Jatha also attended well attended meetings at Bhiwani and Meham.

Hannan Mollah, Central Committee member, Inderjeet, Secretary, Haryana State committee of the CPI (M) and other leaders of the state addressed the meetings.