Huge Meetings in Samastipur

Huge public meetings organised in Samastipur

Land of martyrs Samastipur showed its commitment to struggle once again through exceptionally warm reception to eastern jatha. On Thursday, the jatha crossed through the entire district and held four hugely attended rallies, often at very short distances.

Samastipur is that part of Bihar which witnessed most deadly attacks on the peasant movement and the Communist Party. Nearly 30 leading comrades and activists laid down their lives in this district alone. The entire district has been decorated by gates, in memory of the martyrs.

Crossing Buri Gandak river, the Jatha today entered Samastipur. The last spot in Begusarai district was Khodabandepur, where the striking contract teachers gathered at the roadside. The teachers faced brutal repression in Patna and they called strike today in the state. They received the jatha and explained their distress to the CPI(M) leaders. Biman Basu, standing on a bench addressed the gathering and expressed solidarity with their struggle.

In Singhai Ghat, merely 5 kilometers away, a surprise awaited the Jatha. There was another huge rally reflecting the support base of the CPI(M). In Angar Ghat, when the Jatha reached, thousands were already listening to speakers. This area is famous for the cultivation of tobacco and spices. Agricultural labourers were majority in the rally.

Finally, in the evening a big meeting took place in front of Samastipur railway station, a place not far away from the spot where leader of the student front, Lalbahadur Rai was murdered in 1981. Contract labours and sections of middle classes attended this meeting. Gyanshankar Majumder and Jogendra Sharma also addressed the rallies.