Jatha in Haryana

“Whatever UPA decides in Delhi, Hooda in Haryana implements it”, said Brinda Karat, giving the example of the cancellation of the BPL cards. “If you have a TV, or a bike, the card gets cancelled. Is that a criterion”, she questioned. “Food grains are rotting in the godowns but are not distributed to the poor. We are not short of food grains but are short of pro-people policies”, criticised Brinda Karat.

On day 4, the Northern Jatha of Sangharsh Sadnesh which reached Danauda in Jind district of Haryana today organised a public meeting. Hannan Mollah, who was the other speaker said that corruption is so rampant that each one of these so-called leaders waits for the other to be caught to grab the seat of power to begin their share of corruption.

Inderjit Singh blamed the neo-liberal policies for the deepening agrarian crisis, which was pushing peasantry under debts with banks serving notices for the auction of their land. He warned that cash transfer of subsidy will eventually lead to scrapping of MSP for food grains and PDS.

Harpal Singh and other leaders of CPI (M) in Haryana spoke on this occasion.
Earlier women working as Anganwadis and in Mother groups submitted a memoranda on their grievances:

• Santro Devi, President of the Anganwadi workers' union said that government officials promised insurance cover for the Anganwadi women and the women contributed the money. A sum of Rs 1,85,00,000 was collected but was never deposited with the LIC.
• Workers of mother Group said they are to cook for the children using their own fuel. Not only that they are not regularised but they are paid only a pittance of Rs. 300 with no attendance.
Brinda promised them that the party would do its best to help them.

In the morning, there was a roadside reception at Kalayat village. Later at a press conference in Narwana, Brinda Karat said, “we are projecting alternative pro-people policies not based on caste, communal and pro-corporate considerations”.