Jatha Moves on to Tamilnadu

Kerala Witness To A Resolve For Unceasing Struggles
The Sangharsh Sandesh Jatha entered the last leg of its tour of Kerala spreading the message for unceasing struggles to usher in a progressive alternative. On 27th February the Jatha passed through three Districts. It entered Thrissur District and rolled into the Malabar region entering into Malappuram and finally reaching Palakkad District. The huge gatherings at all places from Thrissur to Palakkad both in the meetings as well as on the roadsides ensured that the Jatha reached Coimbatore late by nearly 3 hours. Such an outpouring of support is unprecedented in recent Kerala history and the energy was undoubtedly infectious.
Thrissur’s Emphatic Endorsement For Struggles Ahead
Tens of thousands of people rallied along the route of the Jatha in Thrissur to give it a rousing welcome, a clear manifestation of the anger building up in the hearts of country’s most literate State against the corrupt and anti people regime at the Centre and the State. If the turnout was an indication of something it was an emphatic endorsement of the Party’s call for intensifying struggles.
As the Jatha entered Thrissur from Ernakulam at Pongam near Chalakkudi it was received by Thrissur District Secretary Moideen, P.K.Biju, M.P, N.R.Balan, State Committee member and former MLA, Ambadi Venu Kisan Sabha leader and hundreds of people and red shirt volunteers. The Jatha leaders were greeted with fireworks, traditional welcome with art forms, musical instruments and the band by red volunteers. Thrissur alone has a dedicated set of 10,000 red volunteers. S. Ramachandran Pillai received the guard of honour from red volunteers. The venue of the reception Thekkinkad Maidanam was bursting at its seams. K.Radhakrishnan former speaker of Kerala Legislative Assembly and MLA welcomed the gathering of over fifty thousand people. Eminent academicians and cultural activists were present in solidarity with the Jatha. Students, youth and women were the dominant sections at all the receptions. Little children added greater fervour to the Jatha.
The mood of people was reflected in the opinion of a head-load worker who lined up to welcome the Jatha leaders who pointed out that it has indeed been near impossible for daily wagers and workers like him to make both ends meet, with wages dwindling and prices spiraling at unprecedented rates. Struggle is the only way he said with the confidence that the people united will always be victorious.
Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, Anathalavattam Anandan, P.K.Biju, M.P, Baby John, eminent writer Vaishakhan, lyricist Engandiyur Chandrashekharan and many eminent personalities and cultural activists attended the Reception. Families of martyrs were felicitated by S. Ramachandran Pillai.
A Sea of Red in Malappuram Heralds Forthcoming Struggles
As the Jatha entered from Thrissur to Malappuram District after having numerous roadside receptions by enthusiastic workers and common people, it was welcomed at Pavittapuram by Malappuram District Secretary, P.P.Vasudevan A.Vijayaraghavan. CC member and Ex-MP, Paloli Mohammed Kutty, Central Committtee and ex-minister, V.V.Dakshinamurti, State Secretariat Member, T.K.Hamsa Ex-MP and ex-minister, K.T.Jaleel independent MLA, P.Sreeramakrishnan, MLA and others.
Malappuram, where the Party and its comrades are putting up a brave fight against communal forces and extreme fundamentalist organizations like the NDF embraced the Jatha with the usual fervour and colour associated. In what may be the largest and biggest gathering that the State has seen in support of the Jatha more than a lakh people lined up the streets and the ground where the public reception was held. There were people literally everywhere, on the streets, on buildings, on the walls and even on trees. The crowds, which thronged the streets of Malappuram, were so huge that the last one mile took over one hour for the jatha to cross to reach the meeting ground. The huge turn out undoubtedly sent a strong message to the communal and divisive forces.
The Malappuram reception was attended by eminent cultural personalities. Nilambur Ayisha, the veteran stage-cine artist felicitated the Jatha leader and assured that many more like her were fully in solidarity with and shall play an active role in taking forward the resistance against communal forces and message of struggle that the Jatha put forward. Eminent poet Alamkode Leelakrishnan, Kathaprasangam artiste Thrikkulam Krishnankutty and member of the Haj Committee Kasim Koya and many other cultural activists attended the meeting and were honoured. S. Ramachandran Pillai felicitated the families of martyrs killed by reactionary forces-the Congress, RSS or Muslim League, BJP and NDF.
Vibrant as Ever Palakkad Assures Thousands Will Join The Struggle
As the Sangharsh Sandesh Jatha entered into Palakkad at Kumaramputtur it was welcomed by Rajendran, District Secretary, A.Vijayaraghavan, CC Member and Ex-M.P, E.P.Jayarajan, Central Committee Member, M.B.Rajesh, MP, N.N.Krishnadas Ex-M.P, Ajay Kumar, Ex-M.P, Unni Ex-District secretary of the Party, C.T.Krishnan, Ex-MLA, K.V.Ramakrishnan, Kisan Sabha State Secretary and others. Hundreds of red volunteers on bikes led the Jatha into the Kotta Maidanam (Fort Grounds) which literally had turned into a red fort.
It was an emotion-filled moment when S. Ramachandran Pillai felicitated the families of martyrs killed by reactionary forces-the Congress, RSS or Muslim League, BJP and NDF. Comrades filled the air with slogans promising to take forward the struggles of our beloved martyrs. Another significant event was when P.U.Usha and Mohammed Afzal two bright prospects for Indian athletics who received the best athlete awards in the recently concluded National School Sports were felicitated by S. Ramachandran Pillai and M.A.Baby. Coming from poor Party families these athletes have become a sensation in Palakkad.
Red volunteers led by Com.A.K.Balan ushered in the Jatha to Tamilnadu.
S. Ramachandran Pillai said that the Left Parties, led by CPI (M) has been warning about the dangerous path the neo liberal economic policies is treading and the latest Economic Survey has only reaffirmed the fears. He said estimates show that in the last two decades of economic liberalisation the poor have become poorer while the rich have become super rich by accumulating wealth at never seen pace. He said that the policies had led to the suicides of an unprecedented 3 lakh farmers in the last 16 years.
He attacked the RBI Governor’s announcement that realtors and brokers are allowed to start banks and seen in the context of the global financial crisis and collapse of financial corporations, such a move could have dangerous portents for India. He said the Government has been implementing policies of the corporate for the corporate and by the corporate with a made in USA seal.

The spate of scams in the defence sector in procurement of arms and equipments for the armed forces is leading to dumping of substandard equipment compromising the national security and people’s security he said. He hit out against the Congress led UPA for ignoring the plight of the minorities and for their total indifference and inaction oin the recommensdations of the Sachhar Committee and Ranganath Misra Committee. He also harshly criticized the discriminatory Unlawful Activities Prevention Act under which religious profiling and harassment of innocent Muslim youth is rampant.
S. Ramachandran Pillai pointed out the need to rally together to uproot the existing anti-people policies of the country, for ushering in genuine land reforms, homes for homeless, food security for all, better health facilities and a corruption free society. He said only the CPI(M) and Left can fight against reactionary casteist and communal forces and ensure education and jobs for all.
M.A.Baby explained the importance of the Jatha and put forward the difference between the experience of Left ruled Governments and the Congress and BJP ruled States. He attacked the corrupt practices of the ruling classes and said Congress and BJP were two sides of the same coin on this matter. He condemned the practice of manufacturing support for the policies like FDI in retail through huge amounts spent by the corporates like Wal-Mart for influencing even the Parliamentarians. Calling upon the Government to end huge concessions to corporates and channelise the funds to social security measures he said that it would generate lakhs of crores which would be enough for ensuring food security, health facilities and housing for all.

V.Srinivas Rao said that the people of Kerala had given a clear message that coming days will witness intensified struggles. He attacked the state of utter lawlessness existing in the country where anti-socials are having a field day. He condemned the caste discrimination existing in different parts of the country as well as the rise of divisive identity politics and communalism and called for taking up struggles against it on a priority basis. He said the Party will take the message of struggle to the people across the country and unite the broadest possible sections to ensure that pro-people alternative policies are implemented and a progressive Left political alternative is strengthened.

Sudha Sundaraman said India was the country with hungry millions and alarming rates of malnutrition and the State was only shirking off its responsibilities and carrying out gimmicks like the Cash Transfer Scheme. She said that the Scheme would only transfer people’s money into corporate pockets. Only a Universal PDS would ensure food security for all she said and asked the Government to distribute grains to the poor rather than allow it to rot or be eaten by rats. Hitting out at the Government apathy to atrocities against women, she particularly mentioned the insensitive handling of the Delhi gang rape case and protests thereafter. She said it speaks volumes about the commitment of the Government to address violence against women that a man accused of rape is the Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha. She called upon people to enlist themselves in the struggle for an equal society with equal opportunities and dignity of life for all.

Pinarayi Vijayan, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan and A.K.Balan accompanied the Jatha throughout the State.