For Modi, it is Corporates First

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Squarely challenging Narendra Modi's claim of believing in putting 'India First', Brinda Karat member of CPI(M) Polit Bureau asked, “What is his definition of India?” Pointing out to Gujarat under Modi being worst in basic development indicator`s like malnutrition and in terms of workers' rights and inequity, she asked “is the India that he keeps first the India of Adanis and other big corporates?” Brinda Karat was addressing an impressive public meeting at Jaat Baazar this afternoon here as the northern Sangharsh Sandesh jatha reached Sikar.

Continuing, Brinda Karat said how can Modi, an embodiment of communal, divisive politics put 'India first'? Only a person who has a perspective that is based on the unity of working masses of India which goes beyond division of caste and creed can really claim to believe in 'India first.'

She also dismissed BJP's claim of presenting an alternative to Congress led UPA rule and emphasising it's unity with Congress on basic economic policies, she termed it as a 'false opposition' and 'non-alternative'. Linking this with the main message of the Jathas, Brinda Karat pointed out that so far country had seen many yatras and Rath Yatras, that actually divided the society. But this is a Jatha for unity of the country and to change it for better.

This huge public meeting was also addressed by Hannan Mollah, CPI(M) central secretariat member, Vasudev Rajasthan state secretary of the CPI (M) and Central committee member, Amra Ram leader of CPI(M) group in Assembly and Central committee member, Pema Ram member of assembly from Dondh, Maimoona Mollah from Delhi party and few other state and local leaders.

During the course of the meeting, hundreds of brick-kiln workers also joined, coming straight from their demonstration at collector's office. A large number of women, peasants and minorities too attended the meeting. On behalf of the Jatha, Brinda Karat also expressed solidarity with their demands.

The Jatha reached the venue of the meeting led by an almost one kilometre long procession of motorcycles and four wheelers. Jatha was received a few kilometres before Sikar by this impressive cavalcade. Earlier, starting from Fatehpur this morning, Jatha was greeted on it's way to Sikar at the entrance of Laxmangadh.

On 11th late evening, the Jatha was received by an enthusiastic crowd of red flag waving activists and supporters at Sadasar, a small town on border of Churu, on its way to Fatehpur from Gadhsana. Another impressive welcome awaited the Jatha at Sardar Shahar, where a large group of Motorcycle borne activists welcomed and led the Jatha from Kalyanpura outskirts of the city to the CPI(M) office in town. By the time Jatha was received by a huge and enthusiastic crowd of supporters at the gates of Fatehpur, it was almost midnight.