Northern Jatha in Sirsa

Stand up against atrocities on women: Brinda Karat

“Criminalisation of politics is contributing to the increase of atrocities on women” said Brinda Karat addressing a press conference at Sirsa today. On this international women’s day, she called the society in general for breaking out its silence on atrocities on women and stand by them. Apart from strengthening the system, she felt that the society needs to take responsibility to come forward and increase the social vigilance to stop these atrocities.

Commenting on the rising prices she said, “the consumer price index is highest among the BRICS countries” and held the government both at the centre and state responsible for this price rise. “Till alternative politics comes to the forefront, there is no reprieve for the poor in country. The reason why we are undertaking the jathas is to highlight the need for alternative policies”.

Responding to queries, she said Hooda government is behaving like a real estate dealer rather than a government. She expressed anguish over the fact that the poor in Haryana are struggling to own a square feet of habitable land, where as the state government is allotting thousands of acres for the real estate dealers and trusts. She termed the alleged clean chit given to it in land scam as an eye wash and devoid of ground realities. She demanded the central government to accept Justice Verma committee's recommendations in toto.

Hannan Mollah said that during the UPA government tenure more than 6.50 lakhs crores worth national resources were looted by the corporates with the support from the government. He strongly condemned the UPA government polices that are leading to joblessness as well as job losses.

Haryana party state secretary Inderjeet Singh and Sirsa district secretariat member Rajkumar were present.

Enroute to Sirsa, the Jatha was received by a team of students from JCD Vidyapeeth at the outskirts of Sirsa. Students waiting for the Jatha forced Brinda Karat to visit their institution and inaugurate a symposium on the occasion International Women’s Day. Brinda Karat called upon women to stand up for their rights and dignity. She exhorted women to come forward courageously in protest against the atrocities on women and also called for the civil society to stand by them. JCD Vidyapeeth Principle, Guruchanran Das received Brinda Karat and the managing director of the institute, Shameem Sharma welcomed her.

Following it, an impressive public meeting was held in Sirsa with the participation of a huge number of women activists, who had come after taking a procession in the town on the occasion of International Women's Day. From Sirsa, the Jatha entered Rajasthan, addressing two receptions in Nagoki and Ganga on its way. Chain Singh, an agricultural worker, hosted lunch for the leaders of the jatha in Nagoki.