Southern Jatha enters Madhya Pradesh

Nagpur welcomed the Southern Sangharsh Sandesh Jatha with receptions at different points in the city on March 10. The first reception was at Khapri where the workers from Central Institute of Cotton Research, students, youth and women welcomed the Jatha. There were two other receptions in the city and comrades led the way in bikes. The Jatha vehicle was taken through the crowded streets of Nagpur to a hall meeting at the Shikshak Sahakari Bhavan. The meeting was addressed by the Jatha leaders. Over 500 people from all sections of society attended the hall meeting. Notably leaders of other Left and Democratic Parties like CPI, Forward Bloc, All India Bolshevik Party and the Republican Party of India also attended the meeting.

On 11th March the Jatha left early for Madhya Pradesh and travelled over 350 kilometres. The Jatha was received at Sosar on the Maharashtra-Madhya Pradesh border by comrades. There were meetings at 3 places today, at Chhindwara, Kareli and Ghadwara in Narasinghpur District. At Kareli, the Jatha members marched for about a kilometre through the market place with slogan shouting comrades accompanying them. A press conference was held at Kareli. At Ghadarwara comrades were waiting despite the 4 hour delay in the arrival of the Jatha. M.A.Baby and Ramnarayan Kuraria Secretary, Madhya Pradesh Kisan Sabha addressed the gathering.

On the 12th of March the day began with a reception and meeting at Saalichowka in Narassinghpur District. Comrades received the Jatha with slogans and the beating of the “Dhol”. A meeting was held which was addressed by S.Ramachandran Pillai, Ramnarayan Kuraria and Salil Shukla CITU leader.