Struggle for Alternative Polices

Eastern jatha passed through Darbhanga and Madhubani districts of Bihar on Friday. A huge meeting took place in Lahariya Sarai, in Darbhanga town. Peasants, agricultural workers, urban poor and dalits attended in large numbers. Prakash Karat, who rejoined the jatha after attending the Left front rally in Agartala, addressed the gathering. Subhashini Ali, Jogendra Sharma, Biman Basu also spoke in the rally.

In the afternoon, another huge rally took place in Bisfy in Madhubani district. This area is a strong base of CPI(M). People gathered in buses, trucks, loudly raising slogans. Large number of women participated. As it was the international women’s day, Subhashini Ali called upon the women to come forward to resist growing attacks on them. Prakash Karat said, without alternative policies the lives of Indian people will not change for better.