A warm reception in Haryana

Chika town narrates its woes

The northern Sangharsh Sandesh jatha entered Haryana today from Punjab. It was welcomed by the people of Kaithal district and the district leaders of the CPI (M) in the Chika town.

A public hearing was organised in the town and the people of Chika poured in their grievances to the leaders of the jatha. There were many heart rending tales that were narrated.

Many aabadkar ryots (peasants who had settled here after the partition of the country and cultivating land) who were tilling land for the last 60 years are now being evicted from their lands by the Congress government. They had been farming the lands all through and were not given pattas in spite of their repeated pleas to the government. Now the Congress government, in open connivance with the land mafia is trying to grab their land by evicting them. These ryots appealed to the leaders of the Jatha to take up their issue and ensure that they retain their land.

Anganwadi women complained that they were not paid their allowances – a meagre thousand rupees – for the last four months. Many people had narrated how the revenue officials of the government had come few days ago and without any explanation cancelled their PDS cards. The temporary workers in the Forest Department, ASHA workers and many others too submitted memorandum listing their grievances.

A particular heart-rending tale was narrated by a old woman who owns a single roomed house. She was served with an electricity bill of Rs 23,000. Irony is she is physically challenged – blind. This is only one example how the people are looted by the private discom companies by serving inflated electricity bills. The lack of any action by the government authorities even when complaints were taken to thier notice only indicates their connivance with the private discoms.

Brinda Karat the leader of the jatha and other leaders patiently heard the problems and promised them that the CPI (M) will standby them in their time of need and launch militant struggles to ensure that there problems are redressed.