News From States

The UDF government has finally relented. It has announced a judicial probe by a sitting judge of the High Court.
Tens of thousands of LDF activists poured into the streets of Thiruvananthapuram to lay siege to the state secretariat.
Brinda Karat accused the central government of being reluctant in implementing the Forests Rights Act.
We must ensure that communal and divisive forces of all hues do not succeed in dividing our people.
Volunteers of LDF have started pouring into Thiruvanathapuram from every nook and corner of the state.
The UDF government of Kerala is going to unleash repression aimed at suppressing the indefinite picketing of the Secretariat in Thiruvananthapuram from August 12.
Party units throughout the country responded to the call given by the Polit Bureau to “Save Democracy and to Defeat the Violence and Terror in West Bengal”, on August 7.
The CPI(M), from the beginning, has been making its stand clear that it stands in favour of a united state, in tune with the policy of ‘linguistic states’.
Jammu & Kashmir State Committee of the CPI(M) organized a convention at Khanbal in Anantnag district of Kashmir
The CPI(M) has reiterated its demand for a time-bound judicial enquiry into the unprovoked police firing on peaceful protesters