News From States

A function was organized to commemorate the 6th death anniversary of Comrade Harkishan Singh Surjeet.
The Left Front in Tripura has registered a magnificent victory in the just concluded three tier panchayat elections
Himachal Pradesh State Secretariat is opposed to any dilution in the Land Reforms and Tenancy Act in the state....
Hundreds of people joined the protest march against the murder of Joni Tiru held by the Ranchi District Committee on July 18.
The Left Front in Tripura is on the way to a massive victory once again in the 3 tier panchayat election in the state.

To protest against the brutal attack by Israeli forces on Gaza resulting in the death of over 200 people and injuries to thousand others,

Maintaining its record of high percentage of polling, the people of rural Tripura exercised their democratic rights in the elections to the three tier panchayet bodies of the state.
The birth centenary of Jyoti Basu - one of the most revered Communist leaders, was celebrated in West Bengal on 8th July with a variety of programmes
CPI(M) has condemned the Punjab cabinet decision to reimpose restrictions to scuttle the freedom to hold peaceful protest actions
The BJP led Central Government is being run by the RSS said Prakash Karat at a public meeting in Kurnool