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The CPI(M) has been fighting for a change in design of the Polavaram project that will result in fewer submerged areas while facilitating the project requirements.

Since the Lok Sabha polls, post-poll attacks in almost all districts of West Bengal have reached a alarming proportions.

The LDF which stressed on the need for an alternative to Congress and BJP expected more seats
With the ascent to power by RSS-backed Narendra Modi, the people of the country will be subjected to a twin-pronged attack – intensified pursuit of neo-liberal reforms and heightened communalisation of society resulting in the division of the people.
The CPI(M) has won a seat each in the elections to the assemblies of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha held alongwith the parliament elections.
Left Front Chairman Biman Basu , in a statement, admitted that this result was not expected. He said, the state administration and police have worked for the ruling party.
The CPI(M) and CPI jointly organized protest demonstrations all over Punjab against rigging and booth capturing during last three phases of the Lok Sabha elections in West Bengal.

In Kerala, protests were held at all district headquarters against the large scale violence and rigging indulged in by the ruling TMC in

In response to the call given by the West Bengal Left Front Committee against the ineffectiveness of the Election Commission in checking

The attack on the democratic rights and massive rigging of votes in West Bengal is nothing but a clear expression that the TMC has lost faith in people. To safeguard and restore the rights of people Tripura will always stand in solidarity with them. This was the message that has come out from the protest actions all over the state as part of the call of the Left parties against the large scale rigging and violence by TMC in Bengal.