Press Statements

Date Title
Dec.29.2002 Kelkar Committee's Recommendations
Dec.21.2002 Killing of PDP MLA in Kashmir
Dec.20.2002 Yashwant Sinha Must Quit -- JPC Findings
Dec.18.2002 Prime Minister's Remarks on Godhra
Dec.16.2002 On Gujarat Results
Nov.25.2002 Attacks on Temple in Jammu
Nov.25.2002 C.C. Communique
Nov.20.2002 On UP By-Elections
Nov.15.2002 On VHP Yatra
Oct.29.2002 Supreme Court Rejects BJP Stand
Oct.28.2002 J&K -- Common Minimum Programme
Oct.26.2002 Committee Against War On Iraq
Oct.18.2002 Report of Delegation That Visited Jhajjar
Oct.17.2002 Lynching of Dalits in Haryana
Oct.16.2002 Bal Thackeray's Call for Suicide Squads
Oct.11.2002 Polit Bureau Communique
Oct.10.2002 Jammu & Kashmir Election Results
Oct.08.2002 TN Ordinance on Conversions
Oct.08.2002 Brazen Communalisation of Education
Oct.07.2002 On Kaveri Water Dispute
Sep.26.2002 Left: Observe Oct 2 as Communal Harmony Day
Sep.25.2002 Memorandum to President on Ayodhya Cases
Sep.25.2002 Attack on Akshardam Temple
Sep.19.2002 Modi's Provocative Outbursts
Sep.18.2002 On Mayawati's Decision On Special Courts
Sep.13.2002 Supreme Court Verdict on NCF
Sep.13.2002 Railway Minister Must Quit
Sep.11.2002 Order High Level Probe Into Rajdhani Accident
Sep.10.2002 Derailment of Rajdhani Express
Sep.07.2002 US Attack on Iraq
Sep.07.2002 CPI(M) Leader Killed in Kashmir
Sep.06.2002 Demolition of PSUs
Sep.04.2002 Jayalalitha & Third Front
Sep.04.2002 Centre Should Act on J&K
Aug.29.2002 C.C. Communique
Aug.23.2002 Modi Attacks Election Commission
Aug.21.2002 Boeing or Airbus
Aug.19.2002 Presidential Reference on Gujarat
Aug.18.2002 KLO Kills 5 CPI(M) Workers
Aug.17.2002 E.C. Decision On Gujarat Polls