Press Statements

Date Title
Dec.24.2003 Sale of Equity of ONGC & GAIL
Dec.16.2003 P.B. Communique
Dec.07.2003 Jogi Affair
Dec.04.2003 On Assembly Election Results
Nov.24.2003 CBI Director's Remarks on Ayodhya Conspiracy
Nov.20.2003 Increased Violence in Assam
Nov.17.2003 UP Govt Stand on Ayodhya Case
Nov.17.2003 Stop Parochial Attacks
Nov.17.2003 BJP Minister Judeo Should Quit
Nov.15.2003 On Andhra Elections
Nov.09.2003 Ministers Demand Favours from PSU Chiefs
Nov.08.2003 Tamilnadu -- Attack On Press
Nov.04.2003 Safdar Hashmi Murder Case -- Convictions
Nov.02.2003 CPI(M) Candidates for Rajasthan/MP
Nov.02.2003 A.K. Antony's anti-Marxist outbursts
Oct.29.2003 POTA Ordinance
Oct.24.2003 Indo-Pak Relations
Oct.17.2003 Attack on Mufti's House
Oct.17.2003 Peace Maintained At Ayodhya
Oct.16.2003 Centre Should Assist UP Govt
Oct.14.2003 Maintain Status Quo At Ayodhya
Oct.04.2003 Reservation for Upper Castes
Oct.04.2003 Privatisation of IOC
Oct.03.2003 Attack on Chandrababu Naidu
Oct.01.2003 C.C. Communique
Sep.30.2003 By Poll Victory -- Ernakulam -- Uttarpara
Sep.29.2003 Oppose Ban On Rallies
Sep.19.2003 Babri Masjid Demolition Case -- verdict
Sep.16.2003 VHP Agitation on Ayodhya
Sep.16.2003 Cancun Talks Outcome
Sep.12.2003 Israeli Threat to Arafat
Sep.12.2003 Privatisation of Airports
Sep.11.2003 Repeal POTA
Sep.10.2003 Support to Palestine Abandoned
Sep.06.2003 Indo-US Military Exercises In Ladakh
Sep.06.2003 Surjeet Writes to PM On Sharon Visit
Sep.01.2003 Oil Price Hike
Aug.29.2003 On Sharon's Visit
Aug.26.2003 U.P. Political Situation
Aug.25.2003 Mumbai Bomb Blasts