Press Statements

Date Title
Aug.24.2003 New Pension Scheme For Govt Employees
Aug.16.2003 ESMA Cases Against Opposition Leaders in TN
Aug.15.2003 Thirty People Killed In Tripura
Aug.13.2003 P.B. Communique
Aug.06.2003 Tamilnadu Strike: A Retrograde Judgement
Aug.02.2003 BJP's Attack on NHRC Condemned
Aug.02.2003 Ayodhya Dispute : Court Verdict Only Solution
Jul.24.2003 On Uniform Civil Code
Jul.23.2003 Terrorist Strike at Tanda army Camp
Jul.22.2003 SC on TN Govt Employees Strike
Jul.12.2003 CPI-CPIM Jt Statement on TN Strike
Jul.12.2003 Homage to Bhishm Sahani
Jul.07.2003 Shankaracharya's Failed Effort
Jul.05.2003 Tamilnadu State Govt. Employees Strike
Jun.29.2003 Attack on Soldiers in Jammu
Jun.28.2003 Best Bakery Judgement
Jun.21.2003 US Warships at Kochi
Jun.11.2003 Bengal By election victory
Jun.09.2003 C.C. Communique
Jun.05.2003 Sardar Sarovar Dam -- Resettle Oustees First
Jun.05.2003 On Detention of Aung San Suu Kyi
Jun.01.2003 Chargesheeted Ministers Should Quit
May.25.2003 Don’t Send Troops To Iraq
May.23.2003 Remove Minister Ramachandran
May.23.2003 Oppose Cut in EPF Rate
May.15.2003 Victory In Panchayat Elections In West Bengal
May.15.2003 On Fire in Golden Temple Mail
May.11.2003 Comrade Sudhangshu Dasgupta
May.11.2003 On Strategic Alliance With Israel
May.10.2003 No Indian Troops for Iraq
May.07.2003 Women's Reservation Bill
May.07.2003 Massacre in Tripura
May.07.2003 Size of Ministries
Apr.29.2003 Indo-Pak Talks
Apr.17.2003 P.B. Communique
Apr.07.2003 Medicines for Iraq
Apr.03.2003 VHP Threat To Repeat Dec. 6
Mar.31.2003 Implement SC Verdict on Ayodhya
Mar.28.2003 Com. LBG Dies