Press Statements

Date Title
Dec.29.2004 Privatisation of International Routes
Dec.29.2004 CPI(M) Gives Rs. 10 Lakh to PM
Dec.29.2004 MPs to Donate One Month's Salary
Dec.27.2004 Ordinance on Patents
Dec.25.2004 Nripen Chakraborty Dies
Dec.18.2004 Polit Bureau Communique
Dec.05.2004 Com. Narasimha Reddy Dies
Nov.29.2004 Puja at Government Office
Nov.28.2004 Domestic Airlines to Foreign Destinations
Nov.27.2004 BJP: Party of Hindu Communalism
Nov.14.2004 Arrest of Kanchi Shankaracharya
Nov.11.2004 Homage to Arafat
Nov.05.2004 US Elections & India
Nov.05.2004 Hike In Petroleum Prices
Nov.01.2004 C.C. Communique
Oct.29.2004 Repression in Sriganganagar
Oct.27.2004 Left Parties Statement
Oct.16.2004 Maharashtra Election Results
Oct.15.2004 On Maharashtra Governor's Action
Oct.06.2004 No To US Interference in India's Internal Affairs
Oct.06.2004 Stop Closure of Industrial Units in Delhi
Oct.05.2004 Tehelka Tape Enquiry
Oct.04.2004 Protect Interests of Domestic Industry
Oct.03.2004 Bomb Blasts in Nagaland & Assam
Sep.26.2004 Indo-Pak Dialogue
Sep.18.2004 P.B. Communique
Sep.08.2004 Why World Bank In Planning Commission?
Aug.23.2004 On Uma Bharati's Resignation
Aug.17.2004 Big Victory for Chavez
Aug.16.2004 Dhemaji Blasts
Aug.10.2004 Reduction of EPF Interest Rate
Aug.02.2004 C C Communique
Jul.30.2004 Iraq Hostage Crisis
Jul.24.2004 Mumbai HC Fine for Bandh
Jul.22.2004 Kidnapping in Iraq
Jul.17.2004 Kumbakonam Tragedy
Jul.12.2004 Left Coordination Meeting
Jul.12.2004 Strip Searching of Fernandes
Jul.11.2004 P.B. Communique
Jul.10.2004 World Court Ruling Against Israel