Press Statements

Date Title
Dec.31.2005 Killing of Rabi Kar By Naxalites
Dec.29.2005 Terrorist Attack in Bangalore
Dec.19.2005 Tripura Municipal Election Victory
Dec.19.2005 WTO Hong Kong Declaration
Dec.18.2005 C.C. Resolution on TN Flood Situation
Dec.18.2005 Stampede At Flood Relief Camp in Chennai
Dec.16.2005 On WTO Negotiations
Dec.16.2005 Central Committee Communique
Dec.03.2005 Stick to Enquiry on Vokcker Report
Nov.28.2005 Left Opposes Privatisation of Airports
Nov.22.2005 Bihar Election Results
Nov.20.2005 Demands Day -- Tribal Bill
Nov.17.2005 On Spate of Attacks in J&K
Nov.15.2005 Nepal -- Meaningless Assurance
Nov.15.2005 NAM Troika on Iran Nuclear Issue
Nov.09.2005 K.R. Narayanan
Nov.07.2005 On Natwar Singh' Resignation
Nov.07.2005 Campaign On WTO Issues
Nov.07.2005 Volcker Report -- Enquiry
Nov.03.2005 Deepening Indo-US Defence Ties
Oct.30.2005 Iraq: Oil for Food Enquiry
Oct.29.2005 Bomb Blasts in Delhi
Oct.29.2005 Railway Accident in Andhra Pradesh
Oct.29.2005 On U.P. Governor's Role
Oct.26.2005 P.B. Communique
Oct.20.2005 Violence in Karbi Anglong
Oct.18.2005 Attack On Mohd. Yusuf Tarigami
Oct.17.2005 Killing of Comrade Ganaie
Oct.15.2005 Bihar Election Campaign
Oct.13.2005 Left to Participate in UPA-Left Coord. Meetings
Oct.12.2005 Relief Given to Pakistan
Oct.10.2005 Appeal For Funds for Relief Work
Oct.10.2005 Comm. For An Independent Foreign Policy
Oct.08.2005 Earthquake in India/Pakistan
Oct.08.2005 On SC Judgement on Bihar
Oct.07.2005 US Ambassador's Impropriety
Oct.05.2005 Resolution Against the Jharkhand Judgment
Oct.05.2005 Bring Forest Tribal Rights Bill in Parliament
Oct.03.2005 Independent Foreign Policy -- Left Parties
Sep.29.2005 Victory in Kerala