Press Statements

Date Title
Sep.29.2005 Successful Industrial Strike
Sep.26.2005 Allegations in the Mitrokhin Book
Sep.25.2005 India's Surrender on Iran Nuclear Issue
Sep.25.2005 Privatisation of Water in Delhi
Sep.11.2005 Rebuff US Moves on Iran
Sep.06.2005 Protest Oil Price Hike
Sep.05.2005 Proposals on Oil Prices
Sep.05.2005 On Nepal Situation
Sep.05.2005 Central Committee Communique
Sep.03.2005 Prakash & Tarigami Meet PM on Kashmir
Sep.02.2005 Resolution on Vietnam Anniversary
Sep.02.2005 Gohana-Delegation Meets the Home Minister
Sep.01.2005 Attack on Dalit Houses In Haryana
Sep.01.2005 Stop Bidding for Mumbai & Delhi Airports
Aug.31.2005 CPI(M) Note to NIC Meeting
Aug.25.2005 BJP About Turn on Women's Reservation
Aug.18.2005 On The Deoband Fatwa
Aug.18.2005 On Blasts in Bangladesh
Aug.14.2005 SC Verdict on Private Professional Colleges
Aug.13.2005 On Assassination of Lakshman Kadirgamar
Aug.12.2005 On Pricing in the Oil Sector
Aug.09.2005 Nanavati Commission & Action Taken Report
Jul.31.2005 P.B. Communique
Jul.27.2005 Plight of Honda Workers
Jul.27.2005 Probe Real Culprits in Centaur Hotel Deal
Jul.26.2005 Atrocity on Honda Workers
Jul.24.2005 Letter to PM On Manipur
Jul.22.2005 Left Parties Statement
Jul.21.2005 Indo-US Joint Statement
Jul.10.2005 Left Leaders Meet Sonia Gandhi
Jul.05.2005 Attack At Ayodhya
Jul.01.2005 Prakash & Raja Meet Sonia Gandhi
Jul.01.2005 Denial of Interview to SIFY.COM
Jul.01.2005 India-US Defence Ties
Jun.26.2005 Left Participation on Coordination Committee
Jun.21.2005 Victory in Kolkata & Salt Lake Corpns.
Jun.20.2005 On Petrol Price Hike -- Left
Jun.17.2005 Left Letter to PM on BHEL
Jun.15.2005 Summary of Pol-Org Report Part II
Jun.14.2005 Iran-Pak-India Gas Pipeline