Press Statements

Date Title
Jun.14.2005 Blast in Pulwama
Jun.12.2005 Sitaram Meets Koirala
Jun.11.2005 On Advani's Resignation
Jun.06.2005 Dipankar to PM on BHEL
Jun.05.2005 C.C. Communique
Jun.02.2005 On Bofors Judgement
May.26.2005 Disinvestment of BHEL
May.26.2005 Denial of Meeting With Nepal Maoist Leader
May.26.2005 Left Front Victory in Bengal Municipal Polls
May.25.2005 Condolence -- Sunil Dutt
May.23.2005 Dissolution of Bihar Assembly
May.22.2005 Letters to the PM
May.21.2005 Reservation in AMU
May.20.2005 No Hike In Petrol Prices
May.19.2005 Advani's Diatribe Against Communists
May.18.2005 Prakash Karat on UPA Meeting
May.16.2005 One-Year of UPA Government
May.16.2005 P.B. Communique
May.07.2005 Probe Shourie's Role In Centaur Sale
May.05.2005 Misuse of IAF Aircraft by Justice Phukan
May.05.2005 CPI(M) Stand on Telengana
Apr.26.2005 CPN(UML) Attacked in Nepal
Apr.24.2005 Don't Supply Arms to Nepal
Apr.22.2005 Attack on Railway Minister
Apr.19.2005 Indo-Pak Jt. Statement
Apr.11.2005 Chinese Premier's Visit
Mar.28.2005 Don't Accept US Offers -- F16
Mar.23.2005 Left Parties on Patents Amendment
Mar.17.2005 Democracy in Nepal & US Pressure On India
Mar.03.2005 On Jharkhand Decision
Feb.28.2005 Union Budget
Feb.26.2005 Railway Budget
Feb.24.2005 Snow in J&K
Feb.05.2005 Support to Movement In Nepal
Feb.02.2005 FDI In Telecom
Feb.01.2005 Nepal Coup Condemned
Feb.01.2005 Left Parties Note on Budget
Jan.20.2005 Draft Political Resolution Released
Jan.17.2005 Godhra Interim Report
Jan.13.2005 Attitude to Foreign Capital