Press Statements

Date Title
Jul.31.2006 August Campaign -- Schedule of Meetings
Jul.31.2006 Qana Massacre -- Stops Purchases of Arms from Israel
Jul.30.2006 Polit Bureau Communique
Jul.28.2006 Left on Indo-US Nuclear Deal
Jul.23.2006 Indo-US Nuclear Deal
Jul.16.2006 Planning Commission's Approach Paper
Jul.14.2006 Aggression by Israel Condemned
Jul.12.2006 Anti Price Rise Call Postponed
Jul.12.2006 Mumbai Blasts
Jul.11.2006 Attacks in Srinagar
Jul.11.2006 Opening Up Agriculture to FDI
Jul.06.2006 Disinvestment in Nalco & Neyveli
Jul.06.2006 AIIMS Developments
Jul.04.2006 Left Parties Statement
Jul.01.2006 Comrade Koratala Satyanarayana
Jun.30.2006 Fresh Israeli Attacks on Palestine
Jun.29.2006 Forthcoming WTO Mini-Ministerial
Jun.28.2006 US-India Nuclear Cooperation Promotion Act
Jun.23.2006 Disinvestment in Nalco
Jun.22.2006 Service Tax on Postal Services
Jun.21.2006 Killing of Arshad Ahmad Lone
Jun.20.2006 Salwa Judum
Jun.15.2006 Two Years of UPA Government
Jun.12.2006 Appeal for Solidarity Fund For Palestine
Jun.10.2006 Central Committee Communique
Jun.09.2006 Press Statement -- 2nd Day - CC Meeting Hyderabad
Jun.08.2006 Press Release -- 1st day --CC Meeting Hyderabad
Jun.06.2006 Protest Day Against Petrol Price Hike
Jun.05.2006 Rescind Petrol Price Hike
Jun.05.2006 Left Parties On Petroleum Products Pricing
Jun.04.2006 Retrograde Proposals on PDS & Food Policy
May.28.2006 P.B. Communique
May.25.2006 Virtual Ban on Fanna
May.22.2006 Two Years of UPA Government
May.22.2006 Attack on Srinagar Rally
May.19.2006 Gas Pipeline in Whose Interests?
May.19.2006 False Report By Times of India
May.17.2006 Reservation in Educational Institutions
May.13.2006 Polit Bureau Decisions
May.13.2006 Letter to President on Office of Profit