Press Statements

Date Title
May.11.2006 Splendid Election Victory
May.10.2006 Supreme Court Judgment on Eviction of Slum Dwellers
May.09.2006 Left Parties -- Solidarity with Palestinian People
May.09.2006 Left Parties on Office of Profit
May.03.2006 Again on the Violence in Vadodara
May.02.2006 Violence in Vadodara
May.01.2006 Massacre in Doda
Apr.30.2006 On the killing of Suryanarayana
Apr.27.2006 Situation in Sri Lanka
Apr.22.2006 Nepal: King’s Maneouvre Not Acceptable
Apr.15.2006 Jama Masjid Blasts & Srinagar Attacks
Apr.12.2006 Observer Status to US In SAARC
Apr.11.2006 Meerut Fire Tragedy
Apr.11.2006 Communal Riots in Aligarh
Apr.09.2006 On ECI Decision on Raids on CPI(M) Office in Keshpur
Apr.08.2006 SBI Employees Strike
Apr.07.2006 Crackdown in Nepal
Apr.06.2006 Letter to Election Commission
Apr.04.2006 On Privatisation of Mumbai & Delhi Airports
Apr.04.2006 Suspend Decision to Raise Height of Narmada Dam
Apr.03.2006 Memo to Election Commission on Bengal Elections
Mar.26.2006 Homage to Comrade Anil Biswas
Mar.24.2006 Again on Office of Profit
Mar.23.2006 On Office of Profit
Mar.22.2006 Full Capital Account Convertibility
Mar.21.2006 On Kerala Elections
Mar.13.2006 Central Committee Communique
Mar.10.2006 Iran Issue: UPA Govt. Stand Exposed
Mar.08.2006 Terrorist Outrage in Varanasi
Mar.07.2006 Indo-US Nuclear Deal
Mar.06.2006 Indo-US Partnership
Mar.04.2006 On U.C. Banerjee Comm. Report
Mar.02.2006 On Assembly Election Schedule
Mar.01.2006 Indo-US Agreement on Agriculture
Feb.28.2006 Union Budget
Feb.25.2006 Judgement in Best Bakery Case
Feb.25.2006 Railway Budget
Feb.25.2006 Handwara Incident
Feb.23.2006 Set Up Media Commission/Wage Board
Feb.15.2006 BJP Stand on Iran Nuclear Issue