Press Statements

Date Title
Dec.27.2007 On Assassination of Benazir Bhutto
Dec.26.2007 On Attacks on Christians in Orissa
Dec.23.2007 On Gujarat Election Results
Dec.22.2007 Central Committee Communique
Dec.15.2007 On Interview With India Today
Nov.26.2007 Guwahati Incidents
Nov.23.2007 Serial Blasts in UP
Nov.20.2007 Karnataka Developments
Nov.20.2007 Memo to NHRC on Nandigram
Nov.13.2007 On P.R. Dasmunshi's Statement
Nov.12.2007 Polit Bureau Communique
Nov.10.2007 Nandigram: West Bengal Governor’s Statement
Nov.07.2007 Nandigram: Check Maoist Violence
Nov.04.2007 Emergency in Pakistan
Oct.28.2007 Maoist Attack in Jharkhand
Oct.28.2007 Karnataka: Sordid Spectacle
Oct.26.2007 Gujarat Pogroms: Punish Gulity-Tehelka Expose
Oct.26.2007 US Sanctions Against Iran
Oct.23.2007 On PDS and West Bengal
Oct.19.2007 Karachi Bomb Blasts
Oct.19.2007 Stock Market Turbulence
Oct.15.2007 On Ludhiana Blast
Oct.11.2007 Different Yardsticks for Left ruled states and Gujarat
Oct.08.2007 Left Reiterates Opposition to Nuclear Deal
Oct.01.2007 Central Committee Communique
Sep.28.2007 Solidarity to Myanmar
Sep.24.2007 Implement Sachar Committee Recommendations
Sep.19.2007 "123" to "456" -- David Mulford's Remarks
Sep.14.2007 On Sethusamudram
Sep.13.2007 Reject EGOM Recommendation on Gas Pricing
Sep.12.2007 Notify Forest Act Immediately
Sep.07.2007 Open Letter to MPs on Nuclear Issue
Sep.05.2007 On the Import of Wheat at High Prices
Sep.04.2007 On Gas Pricing
Aug.26.2007 Hyderabad Bomb Blasts
Aug.23.2007 Central Committee Resolution on Nuclear Deal
Aug.20.2007 Left Parties Reiterate Opposition to Nuclear Deal
Aug.19.2007 Prakash Karat Replies To BJP's Charge
Aug.18.2007 Polit Bureau Resolution on Nuclear Deal
Aug.14.2007 Don't Proceed with Operationalising Nuclear Agreement