Press Statements

Date Title
Dec.28.2008 Polit Bureau on Air Strikes by the Israeli Government
Dec.06.2008 Polit Bureau on Petrol Diesel Price Cut
Dec.02.2008 Prakash Karat on V S Achuthanandan's remarks
Nov.30.2008 Polit Bureau Communique
Nov.29.2008 Unitedly Face Threat of Terrorism
Nov.27.2008 Condolence message on V. P. Singh
Nov.27.2008 Terrorist Strike in Mumbai
Nov.24.2008 Reduce Oil Prices-- Protest Day on December 2
Nov.17.2008 BJP Supports Terror Accused
Nov.12.2008 Reduce Prices of Petroleum Products
Nov.07.2008 Suggestions to Protect Indian People from Impact of Global Economic Crisis
Nov.07.2008 Take Firm Action Against Extremist Elements
Nov.06.2008 Scam In Spectrum Allocation -- Hold Enquiry
Nov.05.2008 Centre-State Relations -- Approach Paper
Nov.03.2008 Attack on Buddhadeb Bhattacharya
Oct.31.2008 Increasing FDI In Insurance
Oct.30.2008 Bomb Blasts in Assam
Oct.25.2008 Assault on Parliamentary Democracy
Oct.23.2008 Protests Against Indo-US Naval Exercises
Oct.23.2008 On Parliament Session
Oct.20.2008 Attacks in Mumbai by MNS
Oct.14.2008 Central Committee Communique
Oct.12.2008 Violence in Adilabad
Oct.07.2008 Withdrawing Restrictions on Participatory Notes
Oct.04.2008 Attacks on Christians in Orissa
Oct.02.2008 Bomb Blasts in Tripura
Oct.02.2008 Don't Sign Nuclear Deal
Sep.30.2008 Stampede at Chamunda Devi, Jodhpur
Sep.30.2008 Observe Black Day on October 4 - Signing of Nuclear Deal
Sep.27.2008 Proposed India-EU Free Trade Agreement
Sep.26.2008 Nanavati Commission Report -- Godhra
Sep.24.2008 Support to Striking Bank Employees
Sep.20.2008 Clandestine Deals with US Nuclear Power Companies
Sep.20.2008 Halt the New Pension Scheme
Sep.19.2008 Observe Protest Day on September 25
Sep.18.2008 Attacks on Christians in Karnataka
Sep.17.2008 Repudiate the 123 Agreement
Sep.16.2008 US Financial Crisis
Sep.14.2008 Delhi Bomb Blasts
Sep.12.2008 US Presidential Determination