Press Statements

Date Title
Sep.09.2008 Memorandum to President
Sep.08.2008 NSG Waiver: Another Surrender
Sep.07.2008 Polit Bureau Communique
Sep.04.2008 Government Exposed -- Prakash Karat
Sep.03.2008 Manmohan Singh Government Exposed -- Nuclear Deal
Sep.01.2008 Mobilise Funds & Material for Flood Affected in Bihar
Aug.30.2008 Take Strong Action Against Bajrang Dal
Aug.27.2008 On Not Convening Monsoon Session
Aug.26.2008 Attack on Orphanage at Phutpali, Orissa
Aug.25.2008 Attack on Sahmat Exhibition
Aug.23.2008 NSG Waiver: Another Surrender in the Offing
Aug.22.2008 Against the Malabar Exercises
Aug.20.2008 Situation in Jammu & Kashmir
Aug.16.2008 Neoliberal Policies Responsible for High Inflation
Aug.13.2008 On Situation in Jammu & Kashmir
Aug.07.2008 Call Parliament Session Immediately
Aug.04.2008 Tragedy at Naina Devi
Aug.02.2008 On IAEA Safeguards
Aug.01.2008 Homage to Comrade Harkishan Singh Surjeet
Jul.30.2008 Handing Over EPF Contributions to Private Sector
Jul.28.2008 On WTO Talks
Jul.27.2008 On Ahmedabad Blasts
Jul.25.2008 Bangalore Blasts Condemned
Jul.23.2008 On Expulsion of Somnath Chatterjee
Jul.23.2008 Left Parties on Trust Vote
Jul.20.2008 C.C. Communique
Jul.17.2008 On the Upcoming WTO Mini-Ministerial Meeting
Jul.17.2008 Criminals to Aid
Jul.16.2008 Disinformation Campaign -- Sitaram Yechury
Jul.15.2008 Threat of Military Attack on Iran
Jul.15.2008 Stay Clear From Corporate Wars
Jul.14.2008 Prakash Karat on media controversy on the position of Speaker
Jul.13.2008 Prakash Karat Meets Mayawati
Jul.12.2008 Motivated Reports
Jul.11.2008 On The IAEA Safeguards Agreement
Jul.10.2008 Betrayal of Commitment
Jul.09.2008 On Withdrawal of Support to the UPA Government
Jul.08.2008 Why Is the IAEA Text Being Kept A Secret
Jul.08.2008 Letter to Shri Pranab Mukherjee
Jul.08.2008 Comrade P Ramachandran Passes Away