Press Statements

Date Title
Jul.07.2008 Suicide Bombing Outside Indian Embassy in Kabul
Jul.04.2008 Letter to Pranab Mukherjee
Jul.04.2008 Campaign Against Nuclear Deal and Price Rise
Jul.01.2008 On Prime Minister's Statement on Nuclear Deal
Jun.28.2008 Polit Bureau Communique
Jun.25.2008 Remarks Made by Com Pandhe
Jun.21.2008 Disinformation Campaign on Nuclear Deal
Jun.20.2008 Step Up Agitation Against Inflation
Jun.18.2008 Left Parties on Nuclear Deal
Jun.04.2008 Fuel Price Hike Thoroughly Unjustified
Jun.04.2008 Left Parties Denounced Price Rise of Petroleum Products
May.30.2008 Central Committee Communique
May.28.2008 Dealing with Rising World Oil Prices
May.25.2008 Rajasthan Police Firing Condemned
May.23.2008 Left Parties on UPA Govt completing four years
May.23.2008 Left Parties on Shortage of Uranium fuel
May.14.2008 On Jaipur Blasts
Apr.29.2008 P.B. Communique
Apr.25.2008 Measures Suggested by Left Parties to Curb Price Rise
Mar.18.2008 Left Parties Letter to PM On Defence Deals with Israel
Mar.15.2008 Purchase of USS Trinton
Mar.14.2008 US State Department on Nandigram
Mar.13.2008 RSS-BJP Murder Politics Exposed
Mar.10.2008 Attack on VJK Nair's House
Mar.09.2008 Central Committee Communique
Mar.09.2008 Attack on CPI(M) Headquarters
Mar.07.2008 Left Front Victory in Tripura
Mar.03.2008 Don't Proceed With Nuclear Deal
Feb.26.2008 On Rail Budget
Feb.20.2008 On Pakistan Elections
Feb.08.2008 Summary of Budget Proposals
Feb.07.2008 Left's Proposals for Budget 2008-09
Feb.04.2008 Attacks on North Indians in Maharashtra
Feb.02.2008 Eligibility for SC/ST post-Martic Scholarships
Jan.31.2008 Liberalisation of FDI Norms
Jan.25.2008 On Amending Forward Contract Regulation Act
Jan.22.2008 End Blockade of Gaza
Jan.15.2008 No To BSNL Disinvestment
Jan.14.2008 No to Hike in Prices of Petroleum Products
Jan.07.2008 On Jyoti Basu's Statement