Press Statements

Date Title
Dec.29.2009 Maoists Targetting CPI(M)
Dec.27.2009 Polit Bureau Communique
Dec.26.2009 Recall N D Tiwari -- Brinda Karat
Dec.26.2009 On The Situation In Andhra Pradesh
Dec.24.2009 Left Rally on People's Issues
Dec.21.2009 On Copenhagen Agreement
Dec.11.2009 Accelerating Inflation in Food Articles
Dec.05.2009 Clarify Position on Climate Change
Dec.04.2009 Memo to P.M. on West Bengal
Dec.01.2009 Assault on Federal Structure
Nov.25.2009 On Liberhan Commission Report
Nov.06.2009 India's Stand On Goldstone Report
Nov.06.2009 Left Parties: Cancel Disinvestment
Oct.31.2009 On The Home Minister's Remarks
Oct.25.2009 Resolution on Climate Change
Oct.25.2009 Central Committee Communique
Oct.23.2009 Telecom Minister Should Step Down
Oct.23.2009 Resolution on West Bengal Martyrs
Oct.20.2009 Climate Change: Don't Change Position
Oct.13.2009 Act Against Those Taking Bribes
Oct.12.2009 Polit Bureau Communique
Oct.04.2009 Floods in South India
Oct.01.2009 Greetings To CPC on 60th Anniversary
Sep.30.2009 Withdrawal of Case Against Quattrocchi
Sep.08.2009 Gujarat: Give Exemplary Punishment
Sep.07.2009 Memo to EC On Use of EVMs
Sep.06.2009 Polit Bureau Communique
Sep.03.2009 Prakash Karat Condoles YSR's Death
Sep.01.2009 50th Anniversary of Food Movement
Aug.27.2009 Food Convention Resolution
Aug.27.2009 Right to Food & Against Price Rise
Aug.24.2009 Misuse of Public Funds-Sitaram to PM
Aug.14.2009 On India-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement
Aug.03.2009 Subhas Chakrabarti
Aug.02.2009 MPs to PM On KG Basin Gas
Jul.25.2009 Protest Price Rise
Jul.22.2009 On Economic Survey 2008-09
Jul.21.2009 Indo-US Joint Statement
Jul.14.2009 Tripura Victory
Jul.13.2009 Central Committee Statement