Press Statements

Date Title
Jul.12.2009 P.B. Communique
Jul.06.2009 Union Budget 2009-10
Jul.05.2009 C.C. To Discuss Kerala Issues
Jul.03.2009 Railway Budget 2009-10
Jul.01.2009 Against Petrol and Diesel Price Hike
Jul.01.2009 On Liberhan Commission Report
Jun.30.2009 Coup Against Honduras President
Jun.22.2009 Central Committee Communique
Jun.21.2009 Shopian Incident in Jammu & Kashmir
Jun.21.2009 Letter to P.M. On Interference in Lalgarh
Jun.20.2009 Solidarity With West Bengal
Jun.16.2009 Protest Against Killings in West Bengal
Jun.08.2009 Kerala Governor's decision to prosecute Pinarayi Vijayan
May.26.2009 Cyclone in West Bengal
May.07.2009 Memo to ECI On Repoll in Tamluk
May.01.2009 Memo to ECI On Pension Scheme and Darjeeling
Apr.29.2009 Memo to ECI On Madurai Situation
Apr.28.2009 Quottrocchi Case, Gujarat Investigations & Sri Lanka
Apr.25.2009 Memo to ECI on Darjeeling
Apr.24.2009 Killing of CPI(M) Workers in West Bengal
Apr.24.2009 On Situation in Sri Lanka
Apr.24.2009 Trilateral Naval Exercise
Apr.24.2009 Israeli Satellite Launch
Apr.19.2009 Comrade Ahilya Rangnekar
Apr.18.2009 BJP's Swiss Account Task Force Report: A Self Goal
Apr.08.2009 Memo to E.C. On Communal Appeal
Apr.07.2009 Memorandum to Election Commission on Darjeeling Situation
Apr.07.2009 Fourth List of CPI(M) Candidates
Apr.04.2009 Third List of CPI(M) Candidates
Mar.31.2009 Highlights of Pamphlet on Health
Mar.31.2009 Highlights of Pamphlet on Education
Mar.30.2009 Folders on Dalits, Tribals, Women and Differently Abled
Mar.28.2009 Highlights of Pamphlet on Foreign Policy
Mar.28.2009 Pamphlet on Economic Crisis
Mar.28.2009 Investigate Israeli Missile Contract
Mar.27.2009 Highlights of Pamphlet on Communalism
Mar.27.2009 Highlights of Pamphlet on Minorities
Mar.25.2009 Killings of CPI(M) Cadres in West Bengal
Mar.25.2009 Highlights of Pamphlet on Agriculture
Mar.24.2009 Appeal by Left Parties