Press Statements

Date Title
Dec.30.2010 Shameful Surrender to US Foreign Policy Agenda
Dec.27.2010 Home Minister's Letter: Partisan Approach
Dec.24.2010 Unbearable Price Rise
Dec.18.2010 Wikileaks Exposes US Interference
Dec.17.2010 Protest Maoist Killings
Dec.15.2010 Left Front Victory in Tripura Civic Elections
Dec.14.2010 Protest Petrol Price Hike
Dec.11.2010 Indo-EU Free Trade Agreement
Dec.10.2010 Stand Diluted At Cancun
Dec.10.2010 Frisking of Indian Ambassador
Dec.08.2010 Varanasi Attack Condemned
Nov.21.2010 Central Committee Communique
Nov.17.2010 2G Scam: PM Should Explain
Nov.13.2010 Drop Raja from the Cabinet Immediately
Nov.09.2010 Outcome of Obama Visit
Nov.04.2010 CAG Findings Vindicate CPI(M) Charge -- Sitaram Yechury
Oct.29.2010 Obama Visit: Countrywide Protests on Nov. 8
Oct.29.2010 Prakash Karat at Cambridge.
Oct.26.2010 Rejoinder By Prakash Karat
Oct.18.2010 Petrol Price Hike
Oct.12.2010 Prakash Karat on Vote of Confidence in Karnataka Assembly
Oct.11.2010 Brazen Constitutional Impropriety in Karnataka
Oct.05.2010 CPI(M) candidates for Bihar Assembly elections, 2010
Oct.05.2010 Polit Bureau Communique
Sep.30.2010 On the Verdict of the Lucknow Bench
Sep.26.2010 On The J&K Proposals
Sep.16.2010 Prakash Karat At All Parties Meeting
Sep.15.2010 Left Parties At all Parties Meeting on Kashmir
Sep.04.2010 Prakash Karat Meets PM On Kashmir
Sep.01.2010 Expulsion of Subodh Roy
Aug.31.2010 Find Solution to Kashmir Issue
Aug.27.2010 Left Parties memorandum to the EC
Aug.23.2010 Prakash Karat on Kashmir Situation
Aug.22.2010 Nuclear Liability Bill : Govt Protects Foreign Suppliers
Aug.19.2010 Left Parties On Civil Nuclear Liability Bill
Aug.09.2010 Forthcoming Elections: W. Bengal & Kerala
Aug.07.2010 Extended CC Begins
Aug.03.2010 Left Front's Memorandum to CEC
Jul.31.2010 Corruption in Commonwealth Games Organisation
Jul.26.2010 Somnath Chatterjee's False Assertions