Press Statements

Date Title
Jul.23.2010 Central Committee Communique
Jul.20.2010 Kashmir: Security Forces should Exercise Restraint
Jul.19.2010 Sainthia Rail Accident
Jul.19.2010 Karnataka: Take Action On Illegal Mining
Jul.16.2010 TMC-Maoist Nexus: Brinda to PM
Jul.14.2010 Comments on Civil Nuclear Liability Bill
Jul.11.2010 Investigate True Nature of Terrorist Activities
Jul.10.2010 Brinda Karat to PM on "Honour" Killings
Jul.05.2010 July 5 Hartal: Unprecedented Success
Jul.04.2010 P.B. Communique
Jun.30.2010 End Violence in Kashmir
Jun.29.2010 July 5: All India Hartal
Jun.25.2010 Strongly Oppose this Cruel Blow
Jun.22.2010 GoM Recommendations: Not Good Enough
Jun.22.2010 Karat's letter to PM on GoM Recommendations
Jun.16.2010 Withdraw Higher Licence Fee for BSNL
Jun.08.2010 Bhopal Gas Case Verdict
Jun.07.2010 On the Visit of Sri Lankan President to India
Jun.06.2010 PB Communique
Jun.01.2010 Sitaram Yechury to PM
May.31.2010 Israeli Attack Condemned
May.29.2010 Rail Accident - Charges against the CPI(M)
May.29.2010 J & K Incident
May.28.2010 Train Accident in West Bengal
May.27.2010 On the attitude of Air India management
May.25.2010 No FDI In Retail Trade
May.23.2010 Don't Proceed with FTA With EU
May.22.2010 Mangalore Air Crash
May.21.2010 Oppose Hike in Gas Prices
May.20.2010 Wild Allegations by TMC
May.20.2010 Minister Raja Should Resign
May.19.2010 Dissolution of MCI
May.18.2010 Maoist Kilings in Dantewada
May.15.2010 Left Parties Statement
May.15.2010 End Communal Profiling
May.15.2010 Maoist Killings Condemned
May.07.2010 Tripura TTADC Results
May.07.2010 Central Committee Communique
Apr.27.2010 Successful Countrywide Hartal
Apr.26.2010 Phone Tapping: Home Minister's Statement Unconvincing