Press Statements

Date Title
Dec.30.2011 UPA Government Solely Responsible
Dec.23.2011 Cabinet decision on reservation for minorities
Dec.16.2011 Food Security Bill: Unacceptable
Dec.13.2011 Mullaperiyar: Maintain Peace & Harmony
Dec.02.2011 Intensify Struggle Against FDI In Retail
Dec.01.2011 On Mullaperiyar Dam
Nov.26.2011 CPI(M) Supports Traders Bandh Call
Nov.25.2011 Unitedly Resist FDI In Retail
Nov.24.2011 Finance Minister’s Deceptive Statement on Inflation
Nov.22.2011 Ishrat Jahan Case: Bring All Guilty to Book
Nov.17.2011 Dilution of Nuclear Liability Law
Nov.17.2011 Oppose Pension Bill
Nov.17.2011 Murder of Nun condemned
Nov.16.2011 Ploy to Deflect Criticism
Nov.13.2011 CC Communique
Nov.05.2011 Prime Minister for Whose Interests?
Nov.04.2011 Unitedly Protest Petrol Price Hike
Oct.28.2011 Government's Callous Approach to Price Rise
Oct.23.2011 National Committee in Support of Jaitapur Struggle
Oct.21.2011 Killing of Muammar Gaddafi
Oct.18.2011 PB Communique
Oct.01.2011 Letter to PM On AP Situation
Oct.01.2011 Bhatt Arrest Condemned
Sep.30.2011 P.B. Communique
Sep.22.2011 Investigate Role of P. Chidambaram
Sep.22.2011 On Bharatpur Violence
Sep.21.2011 Reject Bill for Nuclear Safety Authority
Sep.19.2011 On Earthquake
Sep.19.2011 No Disinvestment in HAL
Sep.16.2011 Price Rise of Petrol Condemned
Sep.12.2011 On the Gulbarga Society Case
Sep.10.2011 Take Action Against RIL & Review Policy
Sep.10.2011 Note to NIC Meeting
Sep.09.2011 Investigate CAG Findings on Air India
Sep.07.2011 Bribing of MPs: Wider Probe Required
Sep.07.2011 Delhi Blast Condemned
Sep.04.2011 Don't Allow Business Houses to Run Banks
Aug.25.2011 Bengal LF Memo to PM
Aug.25.2011 CPI(M) At All Parties Meeting
Aug.23.2011 Observance of August 23