Press Statements

Date Title
Dec.29.2012 Tragic Death of Gangrape Victim
Dec.28.2012 Unwarranted & Derogatory Remarks by Anisur Rahman
Dec.22.2012 Condemn Police Action on Protesters
Dec.12.2012 Condemns Attack on CPI(M) MLAs
Dec.07.2012 Polit Bureau Communique
Nov.29.2012 Discuss Issues Raised by Teachers
Nov.28.2012 Oppose Cash Transfers
Nov.20.2012 Arrests of Women Condemned
Nov.17.2012 Memo to President: Targetting of Muslim Youth
Nov.16.2012 Condemn Israel's War on Gaza
Nov.12.2012 5 Crore Signatures for Food Security
Nov.01.2012 No Succumbing to RIL Demands
Oct.14.2012 VS's Stand on Kundankulam
Oct.14.2012 C.C. Communique
Oct.08.2012 Investigate Charges Against Vadra
Oct.05.2012 Oppose FDI In Pension Funds, Insurance
Sep.28.2012 SC Verdict: No Exoneration for Government
Sep.24.2012 Oppose Open Market Auction & Export Of Foodstocks
Sep.21.2012 Resolutely Oppose Notification on FDI in Retail
Sep.20.2012 Massive Response to Protest Day
Sep.19.2012 Roll Back These Anti-People Measures
Sep.15.2012 Nationwide Jt. Protest on Sept. 20
Sep.14.2012 Roll Back This Hike
Sep.10.2012 Arrest of Cartoonist Condemned
Sep.09.2012 P.B. Communique
Sep.06.2012 Sivakasi Tragedy
Sep.04.2012 Maintain Friendly Relations with Sri Lankan People
Aug.23.2012 Campaign against Coal Blocks Scandal
Aug.18.2012 On CAG Reports on UMPP & PPP for IGIA
Aug.17.2012 The Coal Scam
Aug.16.2012 Maintain Amity and Peace
Aug.11.2012 On Party Income
Aug.07.2012 Oppose Finance Minister's Proposals
Aug.04.2012 Left Parties Memorandum to PM
Aug.03.2012 Left Parties Dharna : Observe Sept 12 as Food Security Day
Aug.02.2012 Fourth Day of Left Parties Dharna on Food Security
Aug.01.2012 Third Day of Left Parties Dharna on Food Security
Aug.01.2012 On Arrest of P. Jayarajan
Jul.31.2012 Second Day of Left Parties Dharna on Food Security
Jul.30.2012 Safety of Indian Railways