Press Statements

Date Title
Jul.26.2012 Sit-in Protest by Left Parties
Jul.25.2012 Violence in Assam
Jul.23.2012 Capt Lakshmi Sahgal - Condolence Resolution
Jul.22.2012 CC Communique
Jul.22.2012 Letter to PM
Jul.19.2012 Jaitapur Project Untenable
Jul.18.2012 Stop Retrograde Amendment of MNREGA
Jul.18.2012 Killing of Fishermen: Lukewarm Attitude
Jul.16.2012 On Vice President Elections
Jul.16.2012 Obama's Remarks Objectionable
Jul.02.2012 Judicial Probe Into Bijapur Incident
Jun.25.2012 The Current Presidential Election
Jun.23.2012 Prasenjit Bose Expelled
Jun.21.2012 On Presidential Candidate
Jun.18.2012 Condolence to Dipankar Mukherjee
Jun.11.2012 Central Committee Communique
Jun.02.2012 Rollback Full Price Increase
Jun.01.2012 Don't Bypass Parliament on Foreign Educational Institution Entry
Jun.01.2012 Railway Accidents : Minister's Responsibility
May.31.2012 Protests Against Petrol Price Hike
May.29.2012 On Remarks of M M Mani
May.28.2012 Historic Victory
May.24.2012 All India Protest Against Petrol Price Hike
May.23.2012 Left Parties Statement
May.22.2012 Whitewashing Black Money
May.11.2012 Reinvestigate Narendra Modi's Role
May.08.2012 Retrograde Announcements by F.M.
May.07.2012 P.B. Communique
May.04.2012 Left Parties Statement
May.01.2012 Ferry Accident in Assam
Mar.23.2012 Stop Repression at Koodankulam
Mar.22.2012 On The Coal Scam
Mar.20.2012 Fraudulent Poverty Estimates
Mar.19.2012 Central Committee Communique
Mar.16.2012 On Union Budget
Mar.14.2012 Railway Budget
Mar.13.2012 On Sri Lankan Tamils Issue
Mar.11.2012 Polit Bureau Communique
Mar.07.2012 On Assembly Election Results
Mar.03.2012 On US Special Forces in India