Press Statements

Date Title
Aug.02.2013 Rescind FDI In Retail
Aug.02.2013 No Collaboration
Jul.31.2013 On Telangana State
Jul.26.2013 Bengal Panchayat Elections Rigged
Jul.24.2013 Sitaram Denies Writing To US President
Jul.20.2013 P.B. Communiqué
Jul.19.2013 Firing by BSF Condemned
Jul.18.2013 Homage to Samar Mukherjee
Jul.17.2013 Stop Mortgaging the Economy
Jul.16.2013 Bank Account of Bengal State Committee
Jul.13.2013 Support to Neyveli Strike
Jul.12.2013 On SC Judgments
Jul.08.2013 Blasts in Bodhgaya Condemned
Jul.04.2013 Food Security Ordinance
Jul.04.2013 Flagrant Violation of International Law
Jul.02.2013 Khurshid's Remark Shameful
Jul.01.2013 Left Parties Declaration
Jun.29.2013 Petrol Price Hike Condemned
Jun.28.2013 Cabinet Decision on Natural Gas Price Increase
Jun.24.2013 Left Parties On Increase In Prices of Natural Gas
Jun.21.2013 Yechury's Letter to PM
Jun.21.2013 On Uttarakhand Tragedy
Jun.21.2013 Oommen Chandy Should Resign
Jun.11.2013 Stop US Surveillance
Jun.09.2013 Killing of Dilip Sarkar
Jun.04.2013 On CIC Order
May.26.2013 Barbaric Maoist Attack Condemned
May.18.2013 Ajit Sarkar Murder: Appeal Acquittal
May.13.2013 Central Committee Communique
May.12.2013 CPB Office Attacked
May.09.2013 Memo to PM
May.06.2013 Israeli Aggression Condemned
May.04.2013 Rail Minister Should Quit
May.02.2013 Sitaram Yechury in the Rajya Sabha
Apr.30.2013 Resolve Tensions with China Peacefully
Apr.30.2013 Law Minister Must Go
Apr.26.2013 Questions to the PM
Apr.19.2013 On Land Acquisition & Attacks in Bengal
Apr.16.2013 Narendra Modi Must Quit
Apr.14.2013 Role in CBI Investigation