Press Statements

Date Title
Dec.30.2014 Land Acquisition Ordinance: Authoritarian Step
Dec.26.2014 Govt. Formation in J & K
Dec.24.2014 Sitaram Yechury to Rashtrapathi
Dec.24.2014 Assam Killings Condemned
Dec.23.2014 P.B. Communiqué
Dec.22.2014 Memo to PM: Financial Scams
Dec.21.2014 Prohibit Forcible Reconversion
Dec.18.2014 Victory for Cuba
Dec.17.2014 Peshawar Massacre Condemned
Dec.16.2014 False Statements: HRD Minister Accountable
Dec.15.2014 Withdraw the HRD Order
Dec.11.2014 Act Firmly Against Forced Conversions
Dec.04.2014 Prakash Karat on Krishna Iyer
Dec.01.2014 Times Report Misleading
Nov.27.2014 Memo to Minister -- Save MNREGA
Nov.26.2014 Moves to Curtail MNREGA Will Not Be Tolerated
Nov.26.2014 Thousands Protest Dilution of MNREGA
Nov.21.2014 Revision of Eligibility for Civil Services Objectionable
Nov.14.2014 No Increased Tax on Petrol and Diesel
Nov.11.2014 On Deaths of Women in Chattisgarh
Nov.06.2014 Oppose Further Economic Burdens on the People
Nov.05.2014 Punish the Guilty
Nov.03.2014 Wagah Blast Condemned
Nov.01.2014 Week Long Protest Campaign by Six Left Parties
Oct.31.2014 No to Cut in Subsidies
Oct.30.2014 Revised Draft of Political-Tactical Line To Be Discussed
Oct.29.2014 C.C. Communiqué
Oct.27.2014 Declare J & K Floods National Disaster
Oct.22.2014 Coal A National Resource
Oct.20.2014 Against Deregulation of Diesel Prices
Oct.18.2014 Release Those Falsely Accused
Oct.17.2014 Left Parties to Conduct Nationwide Campaign
Oct.17.2014 Shramev Jayate: Interests of Investors, Not Workers
Oct.14.2014 Polit Bureau Communiqué
Oct.06.2014 NIA Investigate Blast
Oct.06.2014 Reduce Diesel Prices
Oct.03.2014 Doordarshan’s RSS Telecast Condemned
Sep.30.2014 Do Not Succumb to US Pressures
Sep.29.2014 Sitaram's Letter to MoS for Finance
Sep.24.2014 Successful Mars Orbiter Mission